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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 Tips on Eliminating Stress Without Cost

Reputation of stress as the cause of the loss of happiness, until the cause of the disease, it is well known. Unfortunately not many people are aware of how to manage the inevitable stress of a difficult life.

Everyone needs recreational activities as an outlet to relax the tension. Psychologists assert that even recreation is very important for mental health because of the pressure distribution of severe life need not to cause frustration.

Want to reduce the stress of living with the cheap and without reducing the time? 6 The following tips may be able to release the stress you put on the agenda daily.

1. A. Reading a book 
This is an activity that not only makes us stop for a moment think of a mountain of problems, but also makes us into a new world as being read. Read at night is the recommended activities. The bedroom is a warm, comfortable, and peaceful. Combine with a good book, then you will feel re-focus on yourself.

2. Sitting in the park 
If you are observant, are actually quite a lot of "oasis" smaller all around us. In addition to the complex area of ​​housing, small, green park is now pretty much scattered around the office. Take the time about 5 minutes to sit and enjoy the fresh air and green parks.

3. View images 
A look back photo album of fun events are one of stress release are cheap and effective. Imagine yourself back on the happy event and feel the sensation.

4. Walk or exercise 
Physical activity is a healthy way to relieve stress because it can trigger antistress hormones. Take a few minutes each morning or after lunch.

5. Meditation 
Any activity that can make our concern is to stay calm and focus can be called a meditation. That means the activity can embroider, write, sew, or sit still. Perform 5-10 minutes every day and feel the stress levels down.

6. Take a break 
When emotions are not dammed, divert your attention for a moment focus on something new. For example, look at the window, sipping hot tea, or watching the trees blowing in the wind. Let your imagination free for a moment.

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