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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Impact Of Breast Implants Breast Milk

Has a lot of risk presented by experts on breast implant surgery or. But how the risks in terms of raising the baby?

Breast surgery or breast implants are a way for some women to beautify her shape. Yet according to the study, women who do this risk can not breastfeed her baby.

You will remember, some time ago, Victoria Beckham breast implants removed shortly after the news of her pregnancy came to light. Perhaps these facts below that drive the mother of three children do it.

Breast milk has been proven as the most complete nutrition for newborns. Health experts worldwide have advised mothers to give milk to her baby for six months to two years.

Excerpted from the Care Fair, breastfeeding can be disrupted when a woman decides to change the shape of her breasts by surgery or implants. Medical research states that, breast implanted women who have had a different sensibility. Excessive breast sensitivity will cause a sense of comfort while nursing. Pain and pain will be felt extreme these women.

Not only that, in breast implants also can interfere with milk flow. So the baby can not get the maximum nutrition for the mother's milk production is too little.

The risk of an accident while operating can also make milk production to be interrupted. In the breast are the nerves that trigger the production of the hormone oxytocin and prolactin. Both hormones that affect milk production. When operating, some nerve damage are likely. That's what ultimately makes milk production impaired.

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