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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Differences Medicinal Herbs and Medicinal Chemistry

Differences Medicinal Herbs and Medicinal Chemistry - The high price of conventional medicines or chemical drugs, many arternatif roads will be undertaken by the community to treat the disease. Many people switched back to using natural remedies from plants that live around the house, then known as the natural healing using herbal medicine. The amount of evidence that says the success of treatment using medicinal herbs, makes a lot of popping klikik-health clinics that offer treatment using herbs. To avoid misunderstanding in the use of treatment with herbal medicine, you should know the different herbs with medicinal chemistry.

Differences Medicinal Herbs and Medicinal Chemistry

Differences Herbal Drugs and Medicinal chemistry

Herbal medicines are medicines that are universal. The herbal medicine can be used to treat a variety of complaints and illnesses. This is in contrast to conventional drugs that are used by certain symptoms experienced by patients or people suffering from a particular illness, for example for a headache will be given medicine to headaches and abdominal pain would be an upset stomach. While herbal treatment, the treatments and herbal remedies used diverse and have diverse functions as well, in terms of herbal medicine that is consumed not only for the illness but also to treat diseases that accompany or similar.

How the use of herbal medicine is more diverse than conventional medicine, if conventional medicine processing and use is determined by the manufacturer, the herbal medicine adapted to the initial conditions of the materials used as medicines. For example, to obtain kasiat of herbs in the form of leaves, then we have to boil and filter to get the extraction, then just be used.

When we use chemical drugs, the drug only works on the body of the patient experiencing symptoms of illness. As for the herbs will form the immune system in general and then give effect to the patient's illness.

Herbal medicines are safer to use because it is natural, active substances instead of synthetic substances such as those in the chemical drugs or conventional medicine. Because of this takes time and consistency in the use of herbal medicines, because the effect is felt by the patient a little longer than conventional medications.

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