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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Choose Safe Whitening Face Cream and contain no mercury

What woman does not crave the smooth white skin like porcelain? Surely all women agree that a beautiful face is having flawless skin without blemishes like porcelain.

Porcelain-white skin and clean as can be had with a variety of methods, such as the routine use various whitening cream facial treatment regularly perform in beauty clinics and many other ways that can be used.

 become a common thing done by women, basically face cream has many functions, such as maintaining skin moisture, counteracting the adverse effects of sunlight, nourish the skin, skin problems, and many others. On the grounds that women diligently apply the face cream.

To get glowing white skin, facial whitening creams electoral needs attention, because a lot of whitening products face full of harmful substances such as hydroquinone and mercury overload.

The effects of bleaching creams face dangerous berzat among others are the skin will feel hot and sore, especially when exposed to sunlight or air conditioning.
Itching is also usually occurs followed by a mild stinging. If the use of the cream is stopped will lead to irritation and even raised spots and acne spots.

By knowing the characteristics we will be much easier to determine the cream that we will use. In addition to knowing these characteristics, choose a face cream that legal with permission BPOM usually written on the packaging.

In addition, please read carefully the contents of the cream content. Do not forget to read the expiration date has expired because the cream can cause adverse effects to the skin.

Agency for Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA) warned consumers not to use products containing mercury (or mercury).
Dr. Charles Lee, senior advisor to FDA says, "Exposure to mercury can have serious health impacts. Effect can damage the kidneys and nervous system and hinder brain development in the baby and children were still small."

How to know you have mercury poisoning

The signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning include:

- Feelings that frequent changes, nervousness, irritability, emotional changes
- Insomnia (disorder symptoms such as difficulty in sleeping)
- Headache
- Strange sensations such as numbness in the hands, feet and around the mouth.
- Twitching
- Shaking
- Weak muscles
- Muscle wasting
- Decline in mental function and loss of coordination
- Kidney damage

How to protect yourself

1. Read all labels on skin products you use. If you find these words: "mercurous chloride," "calomel," "mercuric," "mercurio" or "mercury," STOP using the product.

2. If there is no label, then do not use the product. Regulations require all materials and substances contained in medicines and cosmetics should be written on the label.

3. Always wash your hands thoroughly after using any beauty product.

4. Before throwing a suspicious product, wrap in a plastic bag or containers. These products can seep into the soil in landfills and eventually into our water systems.

5. Perform tests of mercury. The normal level of mercury is less than 10 micrograms / liter in the blood and less than 20 micrograms / liter in urine. Before doing the test, make sure you are not consuming fish 5 days before the test to avoid false-positive test results. Seafood contains high levels of mercury.

If you suspect you have mercury poisoning the body, see a toxicologist or neurologist.

No need to worry because not all bleaching creams containing hazardous substances. We just need to be smart and wise consumers.

There are many whitening products face cream with natural ingredients even though the results are not as fast as hazardous cream.

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