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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Characteristic chest pain due to heart problems

Each person must have felt chest pain during his life. Even in a year at least you never once felt chest pain. Most, will directly connect with chest pain of heart disease, especially if the chest pain is felt in the left chest. 

Characteristic chest pain due to heart problems
In fact, chest pain caused by heart disease less than the frequency of chest pain not caused by heart disease. Research related to the causes of chest pain ever done in Switzerland involving 672 patients. These patients come with complaints of chest pain. But after undergoing the examination, chest pain caused by heart disease only about 16 percent. Is the cause of most muscle problems, which is about 50 percent.

Similar research has also been conducted on 135 pediatric patients aged 4-17 years. The children were brought for treatment because complaining of chest pain. Of the many children, chest pain caused by heart disease was found only in 1 patient only. The rest chest pain caused by muscle tension, such as psychic anxiety, and gastrointestinal disorders.

But that does not mean we should not underestimate chest pain. Chest pain that was caused heart can be fatal. Therefore, knowledge about the characteristics of chest pain caused by heart is very important.

Characteristic chest pain caused by heart

Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensation caused by tissue damage. Actual pain is subjective. Heart will give you the sensation of pain in the event of the threat of damage to the heart tissue. Terseringnya the cause is lack of oxygen and blood that may appear on the conditions blockages or narrowing of coronary arteries.

Not all chest pain worry comes from the heart. Some characteristics of chest pain should be wary berikutlah comes from the heart.

The heart is located in the middle of the chest a little bit to the left. Therefore, not all chest pain caused by heart is felt on the left. When the right side of the heart damage, the pain can be felt right chest pain. If the damaged heart tissue behind, it can appear symptoms bad taste in the back. Similarly, if the bottom of the heart is damaged, the pain can be felt in the pit of the stomach that resemble symptoms of heartburn.

Organs including the heart so that the nature of the pain is pain that is not localized. That is, you will not be able to designate the location of the pain with just one finger. Typically, a patient's heart will show you where the pain with the rest of the palm of his hand when asked where the pain is felt.

Sensation of chest pain caused by heart usually blunt. Crushed chest pain like a heavy sensation, depressed, severe tightness, and burning. However, some of them may also experience pain prickling.

Another distinctive feature is that there is propagation. Pain caused by the heart can be spread through the nerves to the shoulder, left arm, through to the back, and neck. The typical places for spreading pain from the heart.

Regarding long, chest pain can vary depending on the severity of heart disease. Chest pain due to mild narrowing usually lasts less than 20 minutes. Meanwhile, total blockage or pain due to acute heart attacks occur more than 20 minutes.

Chest pain from heart disease occurs when the heart of our work increases, for example when on the move, shortly after the move, angry, emotional, or stress. Pain is relieved with rest and calm down.

Another distinctive feature is that the pain is not affected by body position. Standing, sitting, lying tilted to the right, the left, and so will not affect the pain. Similarly with breathing. Pain caused by the heart not getting sick or exhale as you pull. If the pain increases with breathing, chest pain it causes more suspicion caused by the lungs or the chest wall muscle.

Chest pain caused by heart usually accompanied by other symptoms of sympathetic nerves, the symptoms such as anxious person. Sympathetic symptoms include cold sweats, rapid heart rate, weakness, nausea, and vomiting.

You have chest pain? or the people around you there is pain in the chest? Try to fit the characteristics of pain in the upper. Not so fast fear that experienced chest pain due to heart. However, if the characteristics presumably leads to the heart, immediately to the nearest hospital!

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