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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Latest Blood Test Technique Capable Someone Age Prediction

Research Team King College, England, discovered new techniques in blood tests, this technique is believed to predict how fast someone will get older. The results of this study seemed to pave the way for the development of the treatment of diseases associated with the aging process of a person.

Latest Blood Test Technique Capable Someone Age Prediction

Based on information reported by the Telegraph, July 10, 2013, a team of researchers have identified chemical markers known as metabolites in human blood, which is closely related to aging.

From the research it has been identified that one of the 22 metabolites that are found in human blood can indicate the condition of human aging. Research Team believe that with the new techniques in this blood test, people can megindetifikasi aging problems.
Principal researcher at King's College, Ana Valdes said that 22 metabolites associated with aging detected in the blood. "That way, in the future we can predict a person's age and the aging of the blood samples," said Valdes. "This is very unique metabolites, are strongly associated with a person's age and disease," he said.

He explained that the metabolite is also specifically associated with lung function, bone mineral density, and weight at the time of human birth. "It could all be used to determine the condition of the aging person," said Valdes.

Weight indication

Meanwhile, Tim Spector, Head of Research Department at King's College said, scientists have long known the person's weight at birth can determine a person's health in middle and old age.

"People who are born with low weight it will be very vulnerable to disease in middle and old age," said Spector.

"With this latest discovery, it opens a new path to reveal a person's illness at the time of old age," said Spector.

To find out more detail, this study has been published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

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