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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The benefits of cycling for women

Ladies Who the hell can not or do not like cycling ? I think very few people who can not or do not like bersepda because as we all know that cycling is very exciting especially when we were kids a lot of valuable experience that we can get when cycling . In addition to fun , did you know that it turns cycling has a very good impact on our health are even advised to cycling at least 1x a day .
Lately a lot of people who are reluctant or lazy to cycling even for very short distances whenever they prefer to use motorcycles when using our motorcycles have contributed carbon dioxide which is one of the many environmental pollution . Well , with such factors that today I will share interesting information about the many benefits of cycling for health .

What are the benefits? The following are some of the benefits that can be obtained when we are familiar with the name cycling , including :

The ability of muscle
 Humans certainly have a lot of muscle that is used every day to protect health . Not active during 1 week course will be able to lower the amount of 50 % the ability of the muscle , and then destroying it in a fairly long period of time . When we cycled , the muscle will be more active . It makes the muscles stronger and more effective role in a way .

blood pressure
 Cycling orderly manner to avoid or at least able to reduce blood pressure . Keeping well on blood pressure would have been nice to avoid stroke or damage to other organs . Blood pressure can also be scaled to lower the heart rate , which can be done with regular cycling .

Strengthening the immune system
 Immune system has a role in making protection of the body from various infections and also viruses . Research has research has shown that physical activity and exercise , for example cycling can improve the ability of the immune system , to make the body more fit . Beyond that , cycling can also strengthen the immune system cells attack cancer cells and tumor diseases .

System framework
 Framework that supports the body parts of other organs in our body , such as muscles , tendons , or other organs . Cycling can strengthen bones and be able to increase its flexibility to actively move . Cycling also has a good benefit for our ability and bone density .

 Cycling is able to lower the risk of obesity and weight gain or obesity heights of up to 70 % . With the reduction in body weight , the more easy it will be also for bodies that regulate cholesterol . If diligently exercise such as cycling , especially in the period when youth will be exposed to lower the risk of obesity in old age . Then , the ideal body weight , the body's metabolic system will also contribute to awake .

mental Health
 With cycling will have a good impact to make a so quieter . Beyond that , cycling can also stabilize the body by means of physical or emotional . Cycling will be able to lower anxiety, depression , or other psychological issues regarding . Then cycling could also be to balance the hormones in the body .

Heart disease and cardiovascular
 Heart is one among the major organs in the human body . But the heart can also be damaged due to lack of activity or sport . Cycling is a good exercise to maintain the health of our heart . All aspects that can lead to coronary heart disease can be reduced by cycling sports . Cycling will be able to reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 50 % .
That is the many benefits that cycling can you get if you like and run the program regularly in cycling . Once we know how much benefit we will automatically be more active in cycling activities . Cycling is not only be used for aja on holiday , but when we want to go to work even we can use it especially if the distance is not too much work . Let cycling fun !

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