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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The reason how important Sports For People With Diabetes

The reason how important Sports For People With Diabetes

" I 've started now sports doctor ", said a patient in the practice room one afternoon.

" Yes, that's good, it's been how long ? " I replied, asking

" Approximately 3 months of the doctor "

" Great, what sport, how many times a week do you do ? "

" Almost every day a doctor, at least 30-40 minutes, my street, jogging, and running occasional "

So, " what you feel with that sport ? "

" A lot of doctors, my body feels better, the weight began to fall. Thirst, hunger and urination decreased night. Sleep is also easier and tastier, and more importantly I began to passionately again ", the story, glancing at his wife who was beside him.

" Unfortunately, from my first sports doctor ", continued the patient as a bit sorry.

" Not too late to start exercise. Age 25 or 85, which is important you do it, but you do not have to wait until age 85 to start the new year. The earlier you start, the better benefits you get "

" Yes, doctor, if you know so useless, I had always been through it ".

Well, the above patient is a man, age 45, people with type 2 diabetes mellitus, diagnosed since 3 years ago. During the 3 years of treatment arguably his blood sugar is not well controlled. One reason is the possibility that time is still less physical activity, in addition to a diet that is not lived well.

As we all know, exercise is one way to approach the treatment of diabetes mellitus is very important. Sport not only helps lower blood sugar, but also body weight, blood pressure, bad cholesterol ( LDL ), raise good cholesterol ( HDL ), improve sleep quality, prevent heart attack - stroke, reduce stress and so on.

Then, it is known that factors such as age, genetics, ethnicity, level of physical activity, body weight, and body composition all affect insulin resistance. We can not modify the age, genetics, ethnicity, but with exercise three other factors, body weight, level of physical activity and body composition, with exercise can influence it.

In the book Eat What You Love, written by Michelle May MD, dikemukan 2 main reasons how exercise is important in helping diabetics lower blood sugar. Two reasons are:

1. Physical activity lowers blood sugar.
Because the sport requires more calories naturally, would also decrease blood sugar. According to the study, every minute you do moderate exercise to moderate activity lowers your blood sugar by one point.

So, for example if your blood sugar 200 mg / dl, then you exercise 45 minutes, then your blood sugar will drop so 155 mg / dl. In other words, 30-45 minutes of exercise every day you lakoni such as roads, jogging, cycling, will lower blood sugar levels an average of 30-45 points.

And, if you have prediabetes, this is usually a matter of time before the stage of diabetes, you just jog 30-45 minutes, your risk for diabetes will be much reduced. Even compared with medication, exercise and a healthy diet have a better influence to prevent diabetes.

2. Sports fixing body composition. Our body is composed of water, adipose tissue ( fat ), and other tissues such as muscle, bone and so on. Exercise can reduce the fatty tissues of the body, and conversely increase muscle mass.

This results in reduced insulin resistance, which will therefore improve the regulation of blood sugar. Muscles also known as a network with an active metabolism. Muscle cells require more calories than other cells. One pound of muscle for example, burn more calories than the same amount of fat.

In this case, there are authors who describe that body is like a machine. The engine order is muscle, while the fuel is blood sugar. The bigger the engine, the greater the fuel it needs. Active machine, which is often used to require more fuel, as well as the human body.

Therefore, in addition to aerobic exercise, you should also do a stretching exercise and exercise with weights. These workouts will burn body fat in addition, will also increase your muscle mass.

Thus, people with pre-diabetes or diabetes mellitus in particular, tingkatkanlah your physical activity, Exercise regularly. Exercise will help lower your blood sugar. Blood sugar is well controlled, God willing, will reduce the risk of diabetic complications that threaten you.

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