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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 Steps to Prevent Mouth Odor

 10 Steps to Prevent Mouth Odor. Appearances are not everything. We also must pay attention to oral health. It's not funny really, pretty face and outfit is mix and match, but not one person feel happy when chatting with us. 

What is the problem? Dragon breath or bad breath!Whoever the person, must have experienced problems of bad breath or halitosis. Nearly 90% of the causes of bad breath is sulfur producing bacteria that live in the back of the mouth. That's because we maintain our lack of oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum infections, and many more.Other causes such as hormonal changes, digestive disorders, sinusitis, tonsil infections, cancer, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, impaired liver and kidney.

Somewhat nakutin, indeed. But not too late to be healthy. Follow these simple tips so that we are more healthy mouth and fresh breath:

  1. Keep your mouth clean. Suggestedbrushing teeth twice a day, morning and evening before bed. But many are brushing your teeth after lunch. Clean the tongue also uses a special tool to prevent accumulation of bacteria.
  2.  User stirrup or braces, should be more extra attention on oral health and hygiene. Never bored clean food stuck on the wire. Make sure braces are also well maintained because there are times when the bacteria attached to the wire.
  3. If there is interrupted or the distance between the teeth that often lead to injuries when brushing until the occurrence of infection in the gums, you should use interdental toothbrush, which can prevent injury.
  4. If possible or at certain times, stay away from foods that can trigger bad breath such as fish, meat, dairy products, spicy foods, onions, garlic, coffee and sweets. If that is really, should be avoided ... foods that cause odor such as bananas and salted fish. Expand eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Drinks lots of water because the water in sufficient quantities to suppress excess stomach acid. Anyway know it, water is very good for health and overall body fitness.
  6. The production of saliva could be successful if we breakfast and eat regularly. Occasionally, chew sugarless gum deh to increase saliva.
  7. Indeed, peppermint can help to better smell the mouth. But it is only temporary. Several studies have shown, cinnamon candies with oil content will help eliminate harmful oral bacteria.
  8. Avoid being stressed. Yep, been shown to trigger heat stress in the body that can cause to happen dragon breath.
  9. Never smoke and avoid alcoholic beverages. Not just a breath of not so pleasant ... but the damage to our bodies because of the poison-poison!
  10. Unpleasant odor in the mouth can also be assisted with mouthwash-gargle with mouthwash after brushing teeth. Can also use a breath spray is widely available in pharmacies, so that fresh breath the whole day.


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  2. Bad breath in almost all cases is caused by the reaction between bacteria in your mouth and certain proteins which are found in the food we eat, and also in mucus, phlegm, bloog and regenerating gum tissues. For some people, the reaction between the bacteria and the proteins results in a sulfur compound remaining in the mouth which produces bad breath. Click here to know more about Periodontal disease


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