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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anti Pollution Plant

Anti Pollution Plant, Although green plants is claimed to improve the environment, but there are some plants that have more value. For example it can prevent pollution, bring in the birds, or show levels of air pollution. Here are some anti-pollution plants:

1. Dadap Red Tree 

This tree is either planted in the open, because it could invite arrival of the birds. Because many species of birds love it eating the fruit of this red dadap.

2. Longan trees 
Anyone know how good kelengkeng fruit flavors. But you knowYou if a  tree kelengkeng capable of reducing noise pollution. It why in the factories that use generators, it is worth to plant this tree near the generator set.

3. Bungur and Mahogany trees 

Known to absorb air pollutants such as lead. Then the second These trees should be planted for reforestation in large cities, near the main streets crowded traffic. It's no secret anymore if the motor vehicle to be the largest contributor of lead in the air. In contrast, trees like acacia trees should not be green belt. Why? since become one of the originators acacia of asthma. Likewise, the beautiful shape of palm trees, not sogreat benefits.

4. Colorful flowers Plants 

that refreshes the eye like colorful flowers can purify our minds, so that both planted in the hospital in order to mempecepat patient's recovery. This plant is clearly against pollution of the soul.

5. Moss 

 Moss attached to the trunks of trees able to detect the level of air pollution in a region. The more moss stuck in a tree means the better the quality of air in that place.

6. Betel Plants Netherlands (Devil's Ivy) 
Shrubs that can grow anywhere, including in the potin the yard is able to absorb  The result is fresh and the house was more relieved to breathe.

7. Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L)
Able to absorb nitrogen that make our lungs so relieved. But do not occasionally hibiscus plant near Radiography room. This plant serves to continue the radiation so dangerous for people around the radiographic them.

8. SansevieriaIf 

it continues to function hibiscus radiation, no such with this Sansevieria plants. Sansevieria is able to absorb 107 types of toxins, including air pollution, cigarette smoke (nicotine), until radisi nuclear, so it would make a great refresher. Anyway, cactus also could inhibit radiation.

9. Trembesi Tree
Capable of absorbing carbon dioxide in large quantities, so highly recommended to be planted as a tree reforestation. Yet trambesi require a wide area.

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