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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The benefits are hairs on our body

1. In Head
The function of hair is to protect the scalp from the sun and the cold. While the existing hair on your head numbered no less than 100,000 strands of hair and every hair grows in 2 to 6 years. But it will experience hair loss every day, 50 to 100 strands, but the new hair will grow.

2. In the Eye
The function of eyebrows and eyelashes in addition to beauty and beauty is to resist sweat and rain on the forehead and then to the eye. The eyebrows may also deepen the real character of your face.

3. On the Nose

With the hair on the nose, then the bacteria, fungi, dust or spores that enter into the nose will be blocked and filtered. Not only that, the hair on the nose also works to increase the humidity of the inhaled air. It is very important to further the process of respiration.

4. Mustache, beard, chest hair and stomach
Function mustache and beard is a sign of secondary sex for adult men, or in other words, as one of distinguishing between men and women. As with mustache and beard, the function of hair on the chest and abdomen is a sign of secondary sex for adult men.

5. In armpit
As with any other body hair, hair in the armpit are usually begin to grow at puberty and growing normally until the end of adolescence, ie 18-20 years. Permeation pheromones from armpits on the level of human development have shown a link between underarm hair with keseksualan. Positive response to olfactory stimuli in the mammalian and strong sex urge caused by permeation of pheromone provide useful clues about the purpose and importance to the human armpit hair. It was said bahawa hair itself acts as the nature of the "anti-slide" was originally to be between the upper arm to the thorax. More importantly, armpit hair is beginning to be expel moisture from the skin which helps the skin to be dry enough to prevent the development of bacteria that emit odors.

6. In the Hands and Feet
Hair functions as the feet and hands are the most effectual means of sensors. Suppose our feet walking in the bush. This is being addressed by our feet is plenty. Starting plants itchy or can respond if there is a caterpillar.

7. In Pubic
Various theories suggest that the function of pubic hair is to provide warmth, visual indication of sexual maturity, the collection of pheromones spending, reduce external friction during intercourse, and protective areas overgrown pubic hair, because this region is sensitive.

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