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Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Remove Blackheads Quickly

How to Remove Blackheads the Natural - Blackheads are one of the issues that face not finished. Besides blackheads adalagi also the issue of black leather and I have discussed in previous articles caramemutihkan skin. Factors that cause blackheads them due to hereditary factors, bacterial factors, and could also be due to dietary factors were not controlled.

How to Remove Blackheads Quickly

Because of blackheads, our confidence may decline, especially for women. Therefore, I will share this article on How to Remove Blackheads the Natural. Actually remove blackheads is easy, but it takes regular maintenance. As the article on Beauty sebelulnya which discusses Skin Whitening Method.

Surely you want a stick in the face blackheads disappear soon. So that you can be more confident in meeting someone, a party, or the other. Therefore, the blog admin has set Attractive discusses how to remove blackheads.

Step by step How to Remove Blackheads:
Clean your face 2 to 3 times a day
Clean your face regularly ie 2-3 times in one day play an important role in preventing blackheads. For a variety of dust or powder will not stick to face and actions cause blackheads. For the face that there could be a cleaning blackheads for good results.

Using a facial scrub Facial scrubs can slough off dead skin and bring out or replace with new skin cells. Since these dead skin cells can worsen blackheads if not promptly removed. The most commonly affected areas of the face are blackheads forehead, nose and chin so this section needs to be in the facial scrub.

Using Warm Towels towel then soak a towel in hot water and then put it on the face are affected by blackheads. Hot water bath towels may help relieve the pain while exfoliating blackheads. In addition, hot towel also prevents the occurrence of infections caused by such removal.

Acne removal cream on the skin of blackheads In choosing this cream choose a cream containing benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide has the function to remove bacteria, absorb oil on the face, very quickly remove blackheads and also in how to get rid of acne.

Should go to the salon to do facial Go to a salon and consult the expert on facial treatments may be helpful in eliminating blackheads gently and softly, so not too much risk for the infection of the face.
wolipop quoted.

If the following troubleshooting tips on how to remove blackheads naturally secera:
Know your skin type Anda.Biasanya, blackheads easily appear on oily skin. That way, you'll find it easier to choose products facial cleanser that suits your skin.

Avoid comedogenic products. Other products that can cause blackheads are cleansing milk, sunscreen, foundation, pressed powder, ginseng shampoo and conditioner. Keep in mind, compact powder is a product that contains the highest comedogenic substances. The use of compact powder too long not only cause blackheads, but also acne.

Facial be one way to get rid of blackheads completely and accurately. Perform regular facials and after the menstrual period. This is to avoid the hormones and glands sebasia changes during menstruation, which produces oil more active.

If you can not wait and want to get away, go to a dermatologist. Usually, the doctor will recommend for facials and give certain medications. If komedonya very much, the doctor will use the help of laser technology.

Choose a suitable cleanser, which can make your skin really clean, fresh, and chewy. Give tolerance a month to try out the effectiveness of the cleaners you use.

Limit consumption of chocolate, milk chocolate, durian, peanuts, eggs, cashew nuts, cheese, avocado, mango ripe, clams, cream powder, all kinds of milk, fried, coconut milk, and fatty meats.

Choose the right moisturizer. For normal to oily skin, use oil free moisturizer. In fact, the body has a natural system that can manage moisture.

Living healthy and well nourished. Get enough sleep and rest, avoid stress. This may sound trivial, but try to apply this practice, and see the results.

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