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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This First Aid For Burns Injuries

Burn Injuries Level 1

The purpose first aid for burn injuries is to relieve pain, prevent infection, and to overcome the events might shock suffered by victims. The trick is to lower the ambient temperature so as to prevent a burn injury to the underlying tissues grown worse.

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Based on the severity, there are 3 levels of injury from fire. injuries because I was burning rate of minor burns to the level of tissue damage only in the outer layer of skin. An example is the skin exposed to the sun or direct contact with hot objects like water boiling. Such burns are usually not accompanied kelepuhan the skin.

According to Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, How to Properly Handling First Aid and Emergency', the symptoms of this form of minor burns on the skin redness burning, mild swelling, skin pain but none were torn apart because of a blister.

When experiencing or saw burns victims stage I, first aid to do is:

  1. Flush the wound with running water burning or compress with cold water. Do it until the pain disappears. 
  2. Close the burn with a sterile gauze to prevent infection.
  3. Do not let the butter or oil on burns. 
  4. Do not give other medications or herbs without the doctor's approval.

Burn Injuries Level 2

Injuries caused by exposure to flames or hot objects can be very painful. Affected skin may blister burn even when exposed to high temperatures. The cells that come into contact with the heat will die. Therefore, burns should receive treatment quickly.

Moderate burns or second degree burns are burns that cause damage to the lining under the skin. Examples are excessive sunburn, heat fluid and sparks from gasoline or other materials.

According to Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, How to Properly Handling First Aid and Emergency', the symptoms of this second degree burns to the skin such as redness, blistering, swelling that does not go away for a few days and the skin looks damp or muddy.

In the event of such burns, immediately do the following:

  1. Pour cold water or water ice on the injured area or give a compress using a washcloth. Can also use a handkerchief previously dipped in water. 
  2. Dry the wound use of clean towel or other soft material.
  3. Cover with a sterile bandage to prevent infection.
  4. Lift the injured arm or leg higher than juantung organ.
  5. Seek medical attention if the victim suffered burns around the lips or difficulty breathing. 
  6. Do not attempt to deflate the blister wounds or applying oils, sprays or other remedies without a doctor's knowledge.

Burn Injuries Level 3

Catastrophic event risk of fire or explosion causing severe burns and fatal. Before bringing the victim to the hospital, there are some things you can do to minimize body damage that occurs.

Severe burns or third degree burns are burns destroy all layers of the skin. Contact too long with the heat source and burns due to electric shock is the leading cause third degree burns.

According to Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, How to Properly Handling First Aid and Emergency', symptomatic third-degree burns in the form of the injured area looks white, the skin broken and slightly painful because the nerve endings have been damaged.

Some of what you can do if this is the case see :

  1. If the victim is still in a state of burning, extinguish the fire using blankets, bed covers, rugs, jackets or other materials. Do not remove clothing attached to the wound. 
  2. Sometimes victims have difficulty breathing, especially when there are injuries to the neck, face and around the mouth, it could be due to smoke inhalation. Check to make sure the victim can breathe.
  3. Attach a damp cloth or cold water to reduce the temperature in the injured area. Do not use ice water to the wound on her face, hands and feet because it can cause shock.
  4. Close the burn with a sterile gauze and a thick, clean linen, pillowcases, nappy cleaner or other materials that can be found. But do not use combustible material such as cotton or cotton fall. Do not apply oil or other ingredients in the wound. 
  5. Immediately call an ambulance. Victims should receive medical attention immediately.

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