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Monday, August 12, 2013

Protect Pregnant Women from Destroyer Dental Bacteria

The gestation period is one of the important moments in the life cycle of women. In addition to the presence of a blissful baby, 9 months pregnant body is also full story changes. Hormonal fluctuations not only create emotions become more sensitive but also can affect dental health.
One of the teething problems that mothers often complained of being understood is cavities. Due to the structure of the teeth become more fragile during pregnancy. It is to be anticipated if the tooth decay problem is not immediately addressed, could compromise the safety of the baby. Because the risk of pregnancy complications may arise is, hinder the development of infants, up to miscarriage. This can happen because of all the bacteria that teeth can pierce menelusup enter the nerves that were under the whole gear up to important organs, including the growing fetus.
In addition to cavities, dental problems should also be wary during pregnancy is gingivitis and inflammation of tissues supporting the teeth. Again, the cause is bacteria that accumulate due to us not too give more attention to hygiene and dental health.

What can we do to be free of bacteria and disrupt the gear that sucks? The answer is to maintain healthy teeth and this should be done long before pregnancy occurs. Dental health experts advise, we do a thorough oral more than 6 months before planning a pregnancy.

Complete the examination by brushing 2 times a day, after breakfast and before sleeping at night. Especially for you who are still experiencing nausea due to hormonal fluctuations in the first trimester, try cleaning your teeth with Pepsodent toothpaste Herbal. The content of lemon extract in it will be fast as lightning delete nausea. Plus toothpaste with natural forces will also get rid of bacteria teeth thanks to the content of betel leaves in it. Plus there is salt on Herbal Pepsodent toothpaste strengthens tooth tissue.

We should also pay attention to the type of food consumed. Sweet and sour foods should be avoided as this is an easy meal to make at home bacteria 'live' in our mouths. Sweet and sour foods because when chewed in the mouth will make the mouth more acidic and bacteria love acidic situations. Expand foods that contain calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin C. Foods with the content more friendly to the cause teeth can be healthy as well as help strengthen the teeth. Plus get rid of bad bacteria in the mouth.


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