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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Things That Can Become Your Health Indicators

Many of the factors that can affect your health. There are some indicators that you can find yourself to know your health conditions ranging from urine, weight, teeth and mouth, skin, to your home.

1. Urine
More than 70 marks in the urine or urine you can determine how the body functions and these signs is the key to preventing many diseases. For example, if you smell an unusual urine odor, like the smell of yeast (yeast), then it could be a clue to the diagnosis of diabetes. Other signs are abnormal urine color like greenish, brownish, muddy color to the urine. If it is so, you should immediately see a doctor to determine the cause.

2. Weight Loss
According to Dr. Julie Chen, a physician and health experts, the increase and decrease in body weight are not clear, it can also be a sign of a person's major health problems. If your weight increases suddenly, unexpectedly, this may indicate hypothyroidism due to lack of thyroid gland function. Patients with hypothyroidism usually often experience fatigue, pale, osteoporosis, thyroid, lack of sweating, muscle cramps, decreased heart rate up. If suddenly your weight down unexpectedly, then that could indicate cancer, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases and depression.

3. Teeth and Mouth
Many people do not realize the importance of dental checkups. Dr.. Lucy Slutsky, a dentist in New Jersey, USA, said that the oral and dental hygiene is very important for dental health problems is often a marker for other health problems related to the health problems of the heart, lungs, digestive system, or other body parts . Dental examination can also provide information on the early signs of oral cancer.

4. Skin
You have to get used to examine your skin at least once a month, to determine changes in the skin such as a mole or skin lesion that is incurable, as said Dr. Tim Abou-Sayed, a plastic surgeon. Melanoma (malignant tumor, found in the skin) may occur and originated from something that is nothing like a little dark moles. Development of something on the skin may occur a day, a week, or a month later. Small changes like these that you should consult a dermatologist to avoid diseases that are not desirable. For additional information, sunbathing on the beach can also be harmful to your skin due to sun radiation.

5. Home
Do not forget to check the condition of the environment and your home. This is because it can affect your health and family. To implement a healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the 'health home' too. If any member of your family who often experience headaches, nasal congestion, respiratory problems, asthma, or allergies, it might be due to the condition of your home unhealthy. You must guard against fungi or bacteria that may be present in the house, in which areas. Therefore, periodically clean the house from the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, to the living room, to avoid the diseases that are not desirable.

We often 'false confidence' that we are in fine shape until something untoward happens regarding our health. Actually, there are a number of indications that tend to be ignored, which actually tells us early on that there was something not right is going on in our bodies.

Failure to heed these signs will certainly tend to lead to things getting worse, which may lead to a more worrying problem.

Fitnea site gives instructions, there are at least seven signs your health is in trouble, namely:

  • Chapped lips

It may sound like something that only happens because of the weather, but chapped lips, especially the corners, shows you lack vitamin B12. Lack of this vitamin in your system can cause health problems such as anemia and will affect your blood. Immediately consume vitamin B12 supplements or consult your physician.

  • You are not as high as you used to

This may sound strange, but as we get older there is a tendency for us to 'shrink'. But beware if your body sags occur unfair, because you may start experiencing osteoporosis. Troubled by this disease means that you will be at risk if it falls, or even risky slouch. Should improve your diet to prevent the condition getting worse.

  • Easy colds

If you are more susceptible to colds may indicate that you need to boost your immune system or there may be some kind of problem in this regard. You may be deficient in vitamin C or there is a virus that was attacking without you knowing it. A blood test is needed to ensure this, but the important thing is to do a natural way to boost your immune system, such as eating foods that are loaded with nutrients.

  • Your urine is too yellow

It is important that you pay attention to the color of your urine as this can really be a fantastic indicator of overall health. If you inya hydrated your urine clear. However, if you drink enough, but the yellow color of your urine, it could be a problem in your kidneys, so that the body of waste not processed correctly. To test it, please you drink at least 2 liters a day enough and if it makes a yellow color as well, you should see a doctor immediately.

  • Constantly troubled skin

If you find that you always acne, eczema, or other skin disorders on a regular basis then it could mean you do not care for skin properly or wearing the wrong product. But it could be, because of allergy or body tells you in the middle of psychologically unhealthy conditions.

  • Suddenly disturbed sleep patterns

If you find that your sleep is disturbed and you are suffering from some form of insomnia, it could be because your body and your mind becomes too stressful. When we sleep, our bodies are supposed to reduce the amount of cortisol that is useful to reduce stress. When this happens our bodies struggling to repair itself and recharge the 'batteries' which continues to decline. When this happens, we risk with all kinds of diseases because our immune systems are not operating at full capacity.

  • Though you are tired enough to sleep

If you get enough sleep, but still find that you are tired in the afternoon, then it may indicate that there is a problem with your thyroid. The problem here is that your adrenal glands are exhausted, directing your body to use all the energy without being replaced in the proper manner. This problem causes your body to be as if he were being run down. When this happens, you as the center open for other potential health problems. then you should immediately consult your thyroid health.

Source: From Various Sources


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