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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Benefits of sunlight for heart health

Benefits of sunlight for heart health
First aid after a heart attack usually is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the intake of anti-clotting drugs. There are simple ways to reduce damage from a heart attack, which brought the patient to the sun. 

Scientists said the strong light such as sunlight or even daylight can reduce the risk of heart attack and prevent permanent damage from the attack.
They say that heart attack victims can recover faster during hospitalization only with exposure to light during the day. Sunlight during the hospital is also capable of reducing damage caused by heart attacks.

The answer, according to them, lies in the body clock or circadian rhythm that is associated with a state of light and dark. Regulated by the circadian clock protein in the brain. The same protein is also found in the heart. One of the proteins associated with the rhythms of the body, called the "second period" plays an important role in fending off the ravages of heart attack.

During cardiac arrest, the oxygen that goes to the heart is very little or none at all. Without oxygen, the heart must be switched from ordinary fuel, fat or glucose. Without changes in cardiac metabolism, the cells will die and heart broken.

The results showed that the two proteins are very important period in the change of fuel, from fat to glucose. Protein also makes the heart more efficient metabolism. The research team found that strong sunlight is able to activate protein 2 periods in animals and avoid heart damage after the attack.

"The sun, even daylight will reduce the risk of heart attack or heart damage after the attack," he said.

"This means that exposure to sunlight in the hospital can reduce the damage caused by heart attacks,"

The research is published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine. Future studies will look at how the sun's rays and light can alter the metabolism of the heart. It can be used for the treatment of cardiac patients.

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