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Saturday, April 27, 2013

4 Things To Look For If Your skin Sensitive

 Actually, it's sensitive skin is like what the heck? Sensitive skin is skin that is often resistant to sun, cosmetics, perfume, and so forth.

According to dermatologists Marianna Blyumin Karasik, MD, skin suddenly turned into sensitive because of excessive immune system. The body then reacts to something that causes skin redness, itching, flaking or bump-bump.

Most of the women were experiencing this. And take it easy, even if you normally have really sensitive skin types.

Even so, there are a few things to note for sensitifmu skin stay beautiful and safe.

Choose a hypoallergenic

When choosing any cosmetic product, good powder, eyeshadow, perfume, or foundation, choose a hypoallergenic.

If a product has the ability hypoallergenic safe means used by sensitive skin and do not cause allergic reactions. Before buying cosmetics or perfumes, just ask the tester so you can try on the back of the hand or wrist.

Sensitive skin is usually immediate response if there is an allergic reaction. And, the skin will show the reaction heat, itching or redness.

Better do not use antibacterial products

Though it good antibacterial products used to repel bad bacteria.

The statement is true, however, as quoted from womenshealthmag, Marianna Blyumin Karasik, MD, the owner does not recommend using soap sensitive skin with antibacaterial agents. The content of EDTA and triclosan tends to make the skin becomes dry, so the skin so it is easy to peel and itch.

It would be better if the owners of sensitive skin using a special soap for sensitive skin that is usually rich in moisturizers.

Avoid micro mineral products

Labeled micro mineral makeup is actually very good quality. However, because of the form of micro, it tends to stay and lodged in the pores, especially if the rarely clean skin.

Well, this can trigger allergic reactions and infections prolonged.

Wear sun protection

It is recommended that the owners of sensitive skin also wear sun protection during travel and activities in the sun. Skin tends to dry, red-red and are often easier to peel when exposed to direct sunlight.

How in the room during the move?

Better still wear sun protection because you never know how much exposure to the sun streams in through the windows or grilles room.

Not complicated really actually care for sensitive skin. It only takes rigor and discipline to keep skin beautiful and well-maintained.

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