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Thursday, April 18, 2013


you are one of the users of high heels? forced to use it for work or fashion?
or even have cool declamatory pegalnya because with high heels still look slim slender.


Influence Heels On Feet

Using high heels for long periods can lead to shortening of the calf muscles, arch flattening that can lead to chronic postural problems. This will affect the normal body structure. Therefore, women who wear high heels for the first time will feel the pain in the legs when walking and clumsiness. Even my legs were tired after a while. Over time, high heels, or any other type of shoes with narrow toes or pointy can cause:

Bunions: These are bone growth that occurs around the base of the big toe and can cause crooked toe and towards the other toes that cause pain.
Corns: There is thickening of the skin, usually caused by repetitive friction against shoes. Corns can be painful from time to time and it often occurs in conjunction with bunions.
Hammer toe: A condition in which the toe, usually the second finger, forced down by a shoe that can lead to deformity. This can only be fixed with the help of certain medical equipment or surgery.
Morton's neuroma: An injury to the nerves in the mid-foot. This will cause the tissue around the thickened areas, and can cause pain and numbness. Surgery is sometimes necessary to remove tissue to relieve the burden on patients.

Pump bump: Technically called Haglund's deformity, this is a growth on the heel bone that occurs as a result of the constant pressure and friction stiff backs and straps of high heels. The only way to treat this disorder is surgery, to remove the excess bone.
Metatarsalgia: This is kind of painful inflammation, occurs in the eyeball leg as a result of repeated stress on the metatarsal bone, which is the bone that lies between the toes and the arch of the foot.

High heels also increases the risk of ankle injury, because it will disturb the balance. The higher the heel, the higher the risk of injury. This situation also makes it difficult to walk, especially for women who have petite body, shorter legs and smaller feet, because they have to compensate for the extra high heel shoes with them, this will increase the risk of tripping or falling, causing strain and sprain ankle.

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