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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chemical Peeling?? whether Good Or Bad??

Most of the body's Eve wanted to have a beautiful, white, fresh and clean. Various ways done despite having to reach into deep pockets, bold and did not hesitate to pay a premium for an attractive and charming look. One with Chemical Peeling. To do this, look at the product and it is suggested that the technique before running chemical peels.
 What exactly is chemical peeling?. Chemical Peeling is one skin care techniques to refine and improve skin texture by using special chemicals. Top layer of skin to peel off a layer of skin and forming a new, more subtle, fresh and clean. Ladies, who needs to be considered is the process of chemical peeling is, should not be done haphazardly because it has many substantial risks such as:

a. Inflammation and irritation.

b. Peeling skin and feels dry.

c. Skin so red as boiled crab and hot like fire.

d. Skin become more sensitive to sunlight.

Because the use of chemicals, it should be performed by a physician or appropriate professional formula so that the proper dose and composition. In addition, for those who run and perform chemical peels have many trips to the beauty parlor or skin clinic where treatments are chemical peels performed until about a few weeks to obtain optimal results.

Chemicals that are usually used for chemical peels, including:

1. Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)
 Alpha hydroxy acids are naturally contained in plants, such as tomatoes, apples, sugar, wine, lemon. This material includes mild as skin peeling slowly.

2. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA)
 Chemicals for chemical peeling is harder than the AHA and pengelupasannyajauh effects into the pores - pore.

3. Retinoic acid
 Retinoic acid is a derivative of vitamin A and are chemically similar to Retin-A. This material harder than the BHA, the effect is even bisamenghilangkan scars, wrinkles and skin pigmentation problems. Given the chemical elements as described above for chemical peels, we should be more selective and cautious. It could be that originally wanted the face look fresh, clean and white as well as wrinkle-free and so on instead of getting the opposite.

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