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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Ways to Avoid Eating that Chronic Pain

Some chronic diseases suffered by now, such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart, and so closely related to what we put into our stomachs or what we eat. Unfortunately, in the midst of busy modern life today, what we put it often escapes our attention. Therefore, not surprising that diseases become major killers we are now.

5 Ways to Avoid Eating that Chronic Pain

Some of the tips below can hopefully help you.

1. Eat only when hungry

Eat when you are hungry instead of when you are sad, bored, stressed, no reception, invitations, or just because there is free food, food that looks appetizing. When eating for this reason, the food you eat normally tend unhealthy, excessive, and what is the purpose of eating themselves to nurture the body, pleasure, satisfaction gained enough energy will not be achieved, on the contrary, you will get the disease. However, if you eat only when hungry, it will be delicious food you feel. In addition, you do not need to overeat, to satiety, so you are satisfied, had had enough. However, if you eat because of sadness, boredom, stress, more fun, you need more food.

2. Eat food from your own kitchen

Eating the food you buy outside the food that you cook yourself is definitely not the same quality and influence. Food from your kitchen, you alone will determine what you will cook, want to cook meat, fish, vegetables, how many, what ingredients, what their salts, and how to cook it. What do you cook, what ingredients, what you put salt, how to cook it will determine the quality of food that you will eat. In addition, activity in the kitchen that you could be doing something fun and burn your energy reserves. When you eat out, which determines things is the chef, not only how to process them, but also what you should eat. Unfortunately, our kitchen is rarely smoky.

3. Choose a smaller plate

What, how, and how the food you put in your plate will affect your appetite, feeling satisfied, satisfied, and the impression that you see through the eyes will also be memengarhui your meals. Smaller plate that you choose to give the impression that the food is placed on it seem to be much more. This may prevent you from eating a lot more too

4. Eat less, but more often

In today's busy straitened circumstances, there is the tendency of people to eat 1-2 times a day, but the portions are large. Many do not have time to eat breakfast, lunch compensate them in large numbers or vice versa. Eating with this pattern was not healthy, belebihan burden on your stomach in as well, with a variety of complaints, such as abdominal discomfort, suffocating, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, and processing, food absorption is not perfect. In fact, many reported incidents of heart attack due to a diet like this.

In addition, eating a lot at once, much less you eat high glycemic index foods, foods containing less fiber, your blood sugar levels can rise suddenly, which then also stimulate the release of insulin in large quantities. The release of large amounts of insulin resulted in a quick drop in blood sugar as well, giving rise to symptoms such as fatigue, mood you are distracted, drowsy and you tend to look for snacks sweets. Instead, eat less, but more often, in addition to a healthy digestive system, also can maintain your blood sugar more stable. Therefore, this practice can reduce the risk of diabetes threat. So, make it a habit to eat in smaller portions, but more often the frequency. There are experts who recommend 4-5 times a day for you.

5. Eat with a relaxed, casual, and slowly

Because they feel the time is narrow, hunted targets, many of us are eating now, under pressure, in a state of stress, while watching TV, at the computer, on the desk, is running, even while carrying vehicles. When not focus with the food in front of you, beside you can not enjoy the food, your digestive system will also terganngu. You also tend to eat in excess portion. Preferably, eat in a state of calm, slowly. Eat with a situation like this gives you the opportunity to enjoy better food, chew longer and our digestive system also works more perfect.

Eating in a hurry, for example, is up 1-2 dishes you eat in 10 minutes, or less, but you still do not feel full, satisfied, is caused by a reflex satisfied. Satiety to the brain that we need to take about 20 minutes after we started eating. So, if you eat in a hurry, you also tend to eat larger amounts. You just know that you overeat while after you stop eating.

When the five tips above you can live, God willing, in addition to the possibility of you being with some chronic diseases, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke can be reduced, your body will also be beautiful and healthy.

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