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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Laugh so Memories Remain Strong

Have to feel better after a laugh? Yes, laugh often referred to as the best medicine. The development of science now can explain it scientifically. According to recent studies, laughter can prevent someone from dementia.

Small-scale studies from Loma Linda University in the US found the relationship between humor and the ability of memory in elderly people. In this study, researchers analyzed 20 healthy elderly people.

Laugh so Memories Remain Strong

Researchers asked them to watch a comedy show for 20 minutes. For comparison, there is also a control group who were not asked to watch anything in the same time period.

Furthermore, researchers conducted tests of memory in each group. Not only that, they also collected saliva samples of the participants to check the hormone levels of participants.

As a result, watching comedy group scored significantly higher on memory tests than the control group. The group also had higher levels of stress hormones (cortisol) which is lower than the control group.

The study's authors, Gurinder Bains, explains, laughing causes the body to secrete endorphins and dopamine to the brain sends. It will increase the activity and overall brain function.

"The ability to learn and remember will be more difficult with age. However, with a laugh, perhaps the process will become easier. Laughing with friends or even just watching humor on TV for 20 minutes might be able to help," he said.

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