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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lower Blood Pressure with Shallots

After the age of 30 years, a person will begin to feel a change in physical terms, how to think, and the way their bodies behave when facing illness. Therefore, people with a more mature age, is very susceptible to disease, whether mild or severe, and requires seriousness in handling.

Lower Blood Pressure with Shallots

One disease that is susceptible experienced person over the age of 30 years, the disease is associated with blood pressure and cholesterol. Prevent cholesterol and blood tenakanan soaring, can not be done haphazardly.

Food and a healthy lifestyle, as well as taking the drugs and went to the doctor on a regular basis, should be on the agenda that should never be left in the healing process.

In addition to a series of medical treatment that can be done, prevention of high blood pressure and cholesterol, can be done with the help of natural ingredients that nourish, one onion.

Dailymail launch, there is a study in Nigeria, who proved that the extract of onion was able to lower the pressure and blood sugar levels. This is evident through the many mice in the body contain diabetes.

Having given extracts of onion, as much as 50 percent of the mice had improved to the disease that attacked him. According Ojieh Antoni, one of the researchers from Delta State University, in Nebraska, the content of both the extract of onion was able memerpanjang lifetime.

Because of his kindness can repair levels and blood pressure, as well as controlling the levels of cholesterol in the body. "We studied a group of mice with diabetes, which then gradually recovered when treatment is right and appropriate.

Through this application in mice, according Ojieh, it can be seen that the same thing will affect humans. Therefore, Ojieh concluded this could be the vigilance and thoroughness of health and life.

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