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Friday, June 19, 2015

9 Tips to Get Healthy Sleep

Every person, because of a certain cause and reason, must have experienced difficulty sleeping at night. But not to worry, because by following a few simple tips you can get a better sleep than previous nights.

Get used to sleep and wake up at the same time every day

Habits can be created, including hours of sleep. Determine the rhythm of your sleep time and be consistent with the time. After some time following the pattern, the body will have some sort of 'natural time' and are very helpful in managing sleep.

Use the bedroom for sleep and not as a multi-purpose room

Some people have a habit to use the bedroom as a multipurpose room, like to watch tv, work, etc. Various electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, or a gadget can give a signal to the brain that 'no sleep'. Do not put these items in the bedroom, and use it before your bedtime. Furthermore, do not make the bedroom as a place of employment, because of such reasons earlier above, and can disrupt your sleep.

Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark, cool and comfortable

A cool more quickly lets you fall asleep. Also, reducing access to light and sound means reducing nuisance sleep. Under these conditions, the bedroom becomes a nyama and make the body become relaxed, making better quality sleep.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine before bedtime

Coffee, tea, chocolate and fizzy drinks can stimulate the body to stay awake. That's because drinks / foods that contain caffeine. Should not consume about 4-6 hours before your bedtime. Similarly, nicotine and alcohol.

Miss nap

The longer the body awake, the more easily the body would fall asleep. Therefore, do not use the time during the day to sleep because it will disturb sleep at night. If the management of your night time sleep goes well, then you no longer need a nap. But if you are always sleepy during the day, it could be indicating symptoms of sleep disorders and in need of a doctor's consultation.

A time to exercise every day

The body is always physically active -other than good for health generally help to ensure good sleep at night. However, do not exercise because even closer to bedtime can make it difficult for the body to fall asleep, because the body is still in a state of 'excited' or not relax.

Create your own bedtime ritual

Small children usually have a sleep ritual as recited fables and others, as well as for adults. Create a ritual for yourself like listening to slow music / lighter, reading, or even a warm bath. Perform these things around 15-30 minutes before your bedtime. If you are familiar and become a ritual, it will greatly help you fall asleep.

If difficulty falling asleep, do not stay in bed

If after 20 minutes of lying down, but find it difficult to fall asleep, do not continue to lie awake or grumpy in bed. It will actually make restless and added complicate your efforts to fall asleep. Get up out of bed, go to another quiet place to sit or lie down until you feel the eyes are ready to fall asleep.

Make sleep a priority

Believe that the body has the right to sleep and rest. Do not let the usual activities carried out in daylight blocking your bedtime. Many people who sacrifice sleep time to finish the job, or even sacrificed the less important activities such as watching TV, playing games, the Internet and so forth. Remember bedtime that you specify and be consistent with the schedule.


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