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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It is this Happens to Your Body When Often Drinking Water Warm

Warm water has many benefits that are not known by many people. Which is known only benefits of warm water as ordinary water, which is to relieve thirst in the body. Benefits of drinking warm water not only that, but there are many other benefits that have not been known, especially in the health field.

Benefits of drinking warm water in the health field are very much at all. Good warm water is water that is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Pure and warm water is better for health than the water that has been mixed with sugar. Healthy water is warm water, pure, clear and must have been through the cooking process so that germs and bacteria in it were dead.

In addition to pure warm water, warm water mixed with some fresh lemon juice could be more healthy for the body. To overcome certain conditions warm water can be mixed using other materials. Benefits of drinking warm water are as follows:

1. Reduce itching in the throat
When you cough, of course you feel that your throat was very scratchy and hoarse. That's because in your throat are cough virus that causes itching. Drinking a glass of warm water can relieve itching in your throat. Warm taste of the water can neutralize the virus coughs that is in the throat.

2. Make Weight Descending
Warm water can be useful for making the metabolism in the body to be healthy. For health, consume warm water can create an ideal body weight. As for who wants to lose weight, warm water mixed with some fresh lemon juice can lose weight even up to a few kilograms. The trick is as follows:
In the morning, you can start your activity with a glass of warm water. Do not forget to mix the lemon juice. Use lemon tea strainer so that seeds do not go into the water. Do not eat for 15 minutes to allow the warm water mixed with lemon juice react. The workings of warm water lemon juice is freshly squeezed lemon water will break down fatty tissue accumulates in the body that exists in some parts of the organ. Especially in the arms, thighs and stomach.

3. Relieve Nose And Throat
When exposed to coughs and colds, a person will feel discomfort in the nose and throat. For a cough with phlegm, throat will be filled with phlegm. The sputum so that could clog the throat. Cough is also accompanied by a runny nose. Currently runny nose would be clogged with mucus. Times like that, you need warm water. Warm water can relieve your nose and throat of phlegm and mucus. Warm water serves as a natural antibiotic that can relieve nasal and throat.

4. Natural detox
Warm water can be beneficial to the body's natural detox process. Detox is a great way to remove toxins in our bodies. Many toxins are stored in the gut, the cause is as follows:

  • Intestine is the digestive organ through which digested food. Poisons or toxins produced by the body a lot of food.
  • Unhealthy diet (fatty, greasy, high cholesterol, high in preservatives, colorings and artificial sweeteners) will also be digested and discharged into the intestine.
  • Unhealthy food can not be absorbed by the body, so that the poison could stick to the intestine. Detok especially useful for removing toxins in the intestines of toxins through sweat, urine and feces.
  • If not removed these toxins can cause various diseases. Diseases worst result of toxins that accumulate in the colon is colon cancer.

To perform one of detoxification are very expensive, but also should be coupled with products supporting expenditure toxins. Right now you can do detok free and easy. That is by using warm water. How to detox using warm water are as follows:

  • Drink warm water when you wake up, keep your body becomes sweaty afterwards.
  • Drink warm water before you go to bed, keep the body sweat. If the warm water can not make you sweat, add a little hot water.
  • When the body sweats, it indicates if your body temperature is rising.
  • When body temperature increases the toxins will be excreted through sweat, the rest are excreted in urine and feces. Do it regularly so that the toxin could be wasted all.
  • There are no toxins in the gut can avoid the risk of colon cancer. Especially colon cancer and colorectal.
  • Maximum results can be added with some lemon juice and honey.

5. Help Bowel Movements
Bowel movement will be smoother if you consume warm water. Warm water can prevent you from excessive thirst or dehydration. If you are dehydrated, and dehydration, you can be exposed to constipation. People affected by constipation will feel pain during defecation and also cause pain. The time is right for the BAB is in the morning. Try to drink warm water after you wake up, it's because your stomach in the morning in an empty condition. The warm water that you drink, can prevent dehydration and outlines nutrients are still attached to the digestive organs. Warm water can also make food particles become softer. Softer food particles makes bowel movements more smoothly.

6. Make Digestive Become Fluent
Warm water can cause digestive be smooth. After you eat something try not to consume water ice but try to consume warm water. The reason is:

  • Water ice could crumple oil and fat in the body.
  • Oils and fats that have been crumpled could cause tumors and even cancer.
  • Water ice can not absorb the content of the foods we eat, foods with nutritional consequences whatsoever if balanced with ice water can not be absorbed by the body.
  • Water ice is able to create fat in the gut. Deposition of fat in the intestine can disrupt digestion.

If after eating the food you replace a glass of ice water with a glass of warm water, you can avoid all of the above. The reason is:

  • Warm water is able to make food completely absorbed.
  • Warm water is able to dissolve oils and fats along with blood circulation in the human body instead of balled or hoard.
  • Leftover food is digested by the body made in small particles, making it easier for the intestine to dispose of feces.

7. Relieve Menstrual Pain Due Stomach
During menstruation, uterine bleeding was filthy attached to the uterine wall. The release of impure blood cells from the uterine wall is suspected that the cause of the onset of cramps or abdominal pain. During menstruation, should not consume ice water. The reason is as follows:

  • Dirty blood can not be separated completely from the uterine wall.
  • Dirty blood can not get out of the womb would continue to attach to the lining of the uterus.
  • If the dirty blood continues to accumulate without being able to be issued all, can cause cysts, tumors and even cancer.

To avoid all that you have to consume warm water. Warm water can facilitate the dirty blood apart completely without the rest to the uterine wall. Warm water also facilitate the work of the uterus to release the dirty blood cells. The easier the uterus to release the dirty blood, the more light is also pain will be felt.

8. Smooth Circulatory
Warm water is also useful for blood circulation in the body. Hot water can dilate blood vessels. If the blood vessels dilate, blood flow throughout the body to be smooth.

9. Creating a Healthy Nervous System
Healthy nerve can be created with a glass of warm water. That's because hot water can consume blood circulation, smooth blood circulation could support nerve activity becomes smooth. Nerve activity and performance is not compromised nerve can make the nervous system healthy.

10. Relieve Leg Cramps
For those of you who feel the cramps in the feet, it helps you solve it using warm water. Drink warm water mixed with a little honey. You can also soak your feet in warm water mixed with salt for 15 minutes, massage, massage the soles of your feet gently. Kram will soon disappear from the soles of your feet. Which must be aware of the cramps are as follows:

  • Leg cramps are accompanied by cramps in the palm of the hand.
  • Cramps appear at certain times, for example only at night and also before the early morning.
  • If cramps are repetitive and at the same time (evenings and late morning), consult your health condition. The cramps can be an indication of diabetes, uric acid and cholesterol.

11. Calming And Eliminate Stress
Warm water also has a psychological benefit to someone. If you're upset and depressed. It's good in the morning you enjoy a glass of warm water while inhaling the morning air deeply. It can soothe the soul and mind. Effect you will feel calm.

12. Eliminate Sleepiness
Benefits of drinking warm water is also very important is felt at the time of the morning, because there are many sleepy. Drowsiness can be caused by various factors such as just sleep quality, sleep too late and waking up too early. To overcome your drowsiness, drink warm water. Try to get your body to sweat. Granted, after you sweat as a glass of warm water. Your sleepiness was soon lost.

13. Generating Excitement
In the morning a lot of people who feel lazy to perform daily activities. For example, cleaning the yard, cleaning the floor of the house and many others. Supported by the cool morning weather adds to the feeling lazy. To evoke the spirit in the morning you should sip a glass of warm water first. Your laziness will disappear replaced with a spirit that is in you.

14. Dismissed Cold Taste
Rainy weather like this creates a feeling of cold on the skin. Consuming warm water can increase body temperature. Increased body temperature can be useful to set aside and relieve cold.

15. Make Sleep Quality
You often wake up and maintained in every night ?. It indicates that you have less quality sleep patterns. sleep quality can cause a person exposed to various diseases. For example, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other chronic diseases. To make your sleep quality and more soundly, you can drink warm water mixed with aromatic mint tea before bed. Even better if you use warm water to soak your body. Muscles and your body will relax. After the body relaxes, you'll sleep without waking up at night.

16. Healthy
Warm water is beneficial to healthy organs. As we saw earlier that, warm water can be soothing and relieve stress. People who lower the stress level can make people healthy and avoid diseases. Diseases that often afflict people with high stress are heart disease, stroke, high blood even though malignant cancer.

17. Eliminate Nausea
When you're young pregnant, you will often feel nauseous when brushing your teeth. To cope with the nausea, preferably before brushing your teeth drink warm water beforehand. The warm water mixed with mint tea can relieve nausea pregnant women. For berkumurnya also should use warm water.

18. Relieve Toothache
Tooth pain can be relieved using warm water. That's because the warm water also serves as an antibiotic. Pain during dental pain can be alleviated using warm water. The trick is to drink warm water when your tooth pain relapse, after it too often rinse with warm water.

19. Eliminate BREATH

The effects of drinking warm water also can eliminate and relieve bad breath is very disturbing. Warm water effectively helps reduce residual plaque that sticks in the mouth which became one of the causes of bad breath interfere.

20. Throw Fat

Hot water is very effective to help get rid of fat that can be immediately processed into BAB or urine and does not accumulate in the intestines. The result is very satisfactory, the fat in the intestine will be destroyed before it settles in the body.
Now that the benefits of drinking warm water that you can see, this habit is very well done, especially after the consumption of foods high in fat.


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