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Thursday, June 18, 2015

After Waxing, It's You Must Do

Waxing is believed to be a potent remove feathers.

Waxing is believed to be the most potent and durable as one feather busting innovation. However, there are new trends in waxing, using wax or wax the bikini line area. Of course this is very different from the traditional way of shaving that can make skin irritation and feathers quickly grow back.
For the waxing process is not too long, less than two hours you've been able to eliminate the hairs were deemed intrusive. However, much to be done so that treatment can be done last long. Here are some ways to do after waxing as reported Popsugar.

Keep Skin Health

Your pores will surely open after applied molten wax, so it is very important that you have a clean and moist to prevent redness and inflammation. Do not forget to apply pure aloe gel to give the fresh effect.

Compress Cold Water

If you experience inflammation, try to compress with cold water to areas that have diwaxing.

Avoid exfoliating

Avoid peeling or scrubbing the former wax at least in 72 hours.

Apply Sunblock

You should always wear sunblock to protect the skin. apply sunblock with an SPF appropriate. Besides protecting the body areas that have been diwaxing with hat and leggings to avoid sun exposure.

Avoid Alcohol Content

To prevent hair or feathers grow quickly, use an alcohol-free cleanser. Please note chemicals can make peeling and moisturizing effect. Also avoid wearing tight clothing so excruciating skin.

Choose Clothes Comfortable

Wear pants that are comfortable in a few days. Line tight clothes can cause irritation and friction which tends to create hair grow faster.


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