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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Set the Sleep Time Helps Overcome Sleep Problems

Sleep disturbance, not only felt in the short term, such as drowsiness or fatigue. In the long term, the bad effects may also appear. Ranging from obesity to high blood pressure. Eating sleeping pills are not the solution to overcome the problems experienced sleep. There are other effective ways to do in order to get a good sleep quality, ie with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and cancer, often associated with poor sleep. In addition, of course, the risk of vehicle or workplace accidents can also occur. All of them, can reduce quality of life and productivity of those experiencing sleep problems.

Consumption of sleeping pills is not the way to overcome sleep problems. Recent studies mention that the sleeping pill is not an effective way to get a good sleep quality. "A single pill does seem to be a much easier way for the moment. Only, do not help improve your overall situation," said Nadine Kaslow, professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University School of Medicine.

Not to mention, there are side effects that arise from these drugs such as difficulty to wake up or even make such a sleepy drunk. "The worst part is that many of these drugs to be very addictive and people stuck on something in his life," said Kaslow.

Steps should be done, starting with changing your sleep behavior. Recommendations are given Kaslow is trying to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and see the results.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychological treatment that focuses on a specific behavior change and thought processes. CBT therapy will provide recommendations to sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques as well as offering stimulus control.

According to Dr. James Trauer, study author from Melbourne Sleep Disorders Center, "We found that cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, helps the patient enters the bed 20 minutes faster and improve sleep efficiency of nearly 10 percent."

With CBT, added Kaslow, a person can be trained to set bedtime and wake-up consistently, avoiding naps, and only use the bed only when going to sleep or have sex with a partner.

One of the worst things to do is stay in bed when you can not sleep. Experts sleep like Kalsow and Trauer want to immediately get out of bed and out of the room when not asleep within 20 minutes. New back to bed when you are sleepy.

"If you can not sleep, get up and produktiflah better. Or do something that relaxes than the stress of not being able to sleep," Kaslow advice.

In addition, relaxation exercises also help. You can do meditation, muscle relaxation, even imagining sleep by imagining yourself in a safe place that is calm and soothing.

In this way, said Trauer, succeeded because targeting the core of the problem, namely frustrated with the time spent in bed in kodisi awake. Meanwhile, good sleep hygiene, according to experts, also look at the behavior of your basic lifestyle.

For example, not smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or consumption of caffeine in the evening. Be sure to exercise regularly enough. No less important, make yourself comfortable and calm before sleep. Which means, do not check e-mail and social media from mobile phones or laptops before bed. Given the light emerging from the gadget can stimulate your senses.

"Avoid stressful received a phone call before bed. And make sure the bedroom is quiet, dark and cool, with temperatures suitable for you," said Kaslow.

In the United States, CBT therapy helps 10-15 percent of those who experience chronic insomnia is associated with chronic stress or anxiety. However, experts agree that this method can be successfully undertaken by those who want to sleep more easily.

Indeed, it takes patience. You also have to make a commitment to it. However, this study shows that there are great benefits to be gained from such therapy. The quality of their sleep better. They sleep more quickly, and this is most important, there are no bad side effects.

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