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Thursday, April 14, 2016

5 Health Problems Caused Stress

If stress is an emotional state, in fact it greatly affects our physical condition. There are many diseases experienced by the body turned out to be triggered by stress.
If you experience some of these symptoms, the most likely cause is the stress of prolonged unresolved resolved.

1. red and itchy rash
When your skin is suddenly filled by a red rash and itching, do not always cause allergies but also stress. When the body experiences excessive stress (either short or long term), the immune system will be chaotic and the body begins to release histamine to fight the "enemy".
If stress has not abated, we will experience an allergic reaction and symptoms biasanay felt on the skin. When our immune system is weakened by stress, the skin is also easily irritated by things that did not previously make a sensitive, such as soap, hot or cold air, lotion, or soap detergent.

2. Body weight fluctuates
"Stress triggers the release of the hormone cortisol, which interferes with the body's ability to process blood sugar and also change the way the metabolism of fats, proteins, and kaborhidrat, resulting in body weight up or down," Shanna said Levine, a general practitioner.
Stress also makes people have unhealthy eating patterns, be it excessive or even loss of appetite.

3. recurrent headache
If you have been rarely suffer from headache but these days the head often feel heavy and painful, can be stressful. Stress hormones can cause changes in the nerves and blood vessels of the brain, triggering a headache. When stressed, the muscles are also more tense that trigger headaches.

4. Digestive problems
Stress can interfere with the function of the gastrointestinal tract. It causes the body to produce more stomach acid, causing a burning sensation in the chest attack (heart burn).
"It could also be the emptying of food in the stomach to slow down so that we experience bloating, or going increasing colon contractions that result in diarrhea," says Deborah Rhodes, doctor of internal medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

5. Easy flu
Stress is bound to suppress the immune system so that we are so easily hurt. The study also showed that people who are experiencing stress are twice as likely to have the flu compared with no stress.

Stress is a psychological disorder. Therefore, between stress and physical health may affect each other. Stress can lead to decreased physical condition, otherwise the decline of physical conditions can cause stress. Every human being would want a healthy life physically and psychologically. Thus, these two aspects of health need to be considered simultaneously so that each individual does not become ill individuals.

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