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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Effect of Weather on Health

The weather changes not only affect the surrounding environment, but also our bodies. Not just physically, but also mentally.

Here are some habits or health problems were actually affected by weather conditions.

1. Quality of sleep
More restful sleep occur more often when the weather is cool, or about 20 degrees. Research has shown that when the body temperature drops, the brain will be ready to sleep.

Instead, the hot and humid weather can make it hard to sleep. Rain accompanied by lightning and strong winds can also make us unable to sleep, even though the air is cooler.

2. Impaired psychology
People who live in areas with sudden changes in the weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, more at risk of developing psychological disorders such as anxiety.

3. aggravate allergies
For those who have pollen allergies, the rainy season it can make allergies worse. A strong wind before the rain could make known allergen particles spread.

4. More happily when the weather is sunny
The sunny weather is known to make a person's mood will be better. Moreover, if we could enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors.

5. Winter depression
In countries with four seasons, when winter comes not a few people who experience depression. It is especially during the day shorter and darker. Symptoms experienced include feeling sad, anxious, or mood up and down.

6. Dehydration
Increasing the temperature in summer can make a person at risk of dehydration or heat stroke (heatstroke). Symptoms to watch out for include declining focus, increase in body temperature as fever, irritability, confusion, and increased heart rate.

7. Easy sick in the winter
Flu disease can indeed be sustained throughout the year, but during the winter the number of infected people has increased dramatically. It happened because of the decline in the immune system and also we spend more time indoors so continuously exposed to germs in the room.


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