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Friday, April 29, 2016

Symptoms Your Cholesterol Levels High

 Bad cholesterol or fat in the body is the determinant of high or low risk of serious illness, such as heart disease, stroke, and blood vessels.

High cholesterol is often called the silent killer because for most people, there are no signs or symptoms onset seen or felt clearly. At a later stage, high cholesterol levels showed symptoms, such as:

Angina, caused by a narrowing of one or more arteries.

Heart attack, caused by a blockage in a blood vessel to the heart.

Stroke, caused by a blockage in one of the veins in the neck or brain.

Pain in the feet, caused by a blockage in the artery leg muscles.

 The risk factors
There are some things for you are at risk of having unhealthy cholesterol levels:

- Family history, such as mother, father, brother, and sister with high cholesterol.
- Mother, father, brother or sister who has had a heart attack or angina before the age of 50 (men) or 60 (women).
- Suffering from type-2 diabetes.
- Fond of food products of animal or saturated fats.
- Not physically active.
- Deposits of fat on the eyelids or white ring around the iris.

 However, not all people with these signs would have high cholesterol. To help prevent cardiovascular disease (heart and blood circulation), a person over the age of 40 years should be to test cholesterol levels every 5 years.

Other risk factors
It is important to remember that high cholesterol is only one risk factor. The risk of cardiovascular disease increases if you have additional risk factors, such as:

- Added ages.
- Have a family history of early heart disease.
- You are a smoker.
- You have type 2 diabetes.
- You are overweight or obese, especially if you are apple-shaped body.



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