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Saturday, April 16, 2016

6 Behavior "Contagious"

There are some behaviors that can spread faster than the flu virus in a community. Laughter and yawning is one of them. Behavior is contagious is a phenomenon that has been widely documented in psychology.

Our brain has been linked to social interaction and bonding. Imitate an action that we see around us is a natural way to show us empathize and understand the feelings of others.

Here are some examples of behavior which we might impersonate of friends or co-workers.

1. Take the plunge

This may explain why a group of teenage boys often do things that seem stupid. Risk-taking behavior is indeed contagious. In the study, kebaranian take risks could influence others only through observation alone.

2. Yawn

Perhaps you already know that yawning could be "contagious", even the dogs bandwagon when his master yawn yawn. It is a sign of empathy and a form of social bonding. Even so, those who have difficulty feeling empathy usually not easy "infected" yawning behavior.

3. Laugh and smile

According to the study, the brain responds to the sound of laughter and automatically opt to do so, even when we do not hear a joke or engaging in conversation. Similarly, with a smile. When we're together with someone and he smiled, an expression of her face as if to say "try" to feel the same emotions.

4. Not polite

Unfortunately, not only positive behavior can be contagious. Disrespectful to colleagues can also be followed by people around us. Rude and disrespectful attitude on coworkers actually has a great influence in a work environment. However, most people are tolerant in this behavior.

5. Chills

Just look at someone who is shivering with flu virus could actually make us feel trembling. Neuropsychiatric research results published in the journal PLOS One revealing evidence of "contagion temperature".

According to them, when we look at a person's hands or shaking shivering from the cold, the temperature in our hands also fell. The more we empathize with someone, the greater the drop in temperature we feel. But unfortunately the sense of warmth does not have the same contagion effect.

6. Face Grim

Sad face, or so-called pout is one of the behaviors that easily infected. Maybe you are not entirely grim when he saw other people who are somber, but are not aware of the movement of the muscles of your face will also be sullen.


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