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Saturday, July 25, 2015

12 Danger Spicy Food For Pregnant Women and Health

Like spicy food? We are indeed thankful to stay in Indonesia, a country rich in a wide repertoire including cooking. In Indonesia, a lot of dishes that carries the spicy flavor. It seemed tempting and spices give taste delicious on the tongue that may not be can we get from food - the typical state. Moreover, the end - the end of this, be very booming spicy food at all in the community. Ranging from spicy chips, noodles with spicy seasoning to a dish heavy with spicy seasoning.

food pedasApalagi food in Indonesia is very easy to find. Good place to eat that was carrying the pungent taste or indirectly indeed serve food with a spicy taste.

Total pengemar spicy foods are also quite a lot, from a teenager, mother - mother, om - om, until oma opa. But not a few were alarmed by the danger of spicy food that will lurk's fans are.

The problem is if you are a pregnant woman, which is certainly not the same as the condition of the body when you're not pregnant, is it still safe to consume spicy foods and what the impact on health?

Spicy food danger for Pregnant Women

Dangers of spicy foods for pregnant women are at least 3 that must be considered, namely, the incidence of heartburn, diarrhea, and contraction.

1. Sense of heartburn
Effect of spicy foods in women who are pregnant will be different from each other pregnant women. Some pregnant women may not experience what - what he currently consume spicy foods, but it happened to another in some other pregnant women. Heartburn can arise when he is well after eating the spicy food.

2. Diarrhea
In pregnant women, if he consumes excessive spicy food may cause diarrhea. If diarrhea is persistent and mother dehydrated, disinal danger to the mother and fetus will be lurking. Try if pregnant women experience diarrhea, always given to drink to avoid dehydration.

3. Increase the amount of prostaglandin release (contraction)
In pregnant women, consumption of spicy foods with large amounts can trigger the release of the hormone prostaglandin. The release of prostaglandins in high quantities will encourage muscle - so there was a contraction of smooth muscles. So this may be very annoying and you will think if you might want to give birth.

In general, pregnant women who consume spicy food is actually not a problem. Unlike the myths - myths that developed in the community, physicians themselves reveal if there is no problem of a pregnant woman who ate spicy food. Spicy food also does not have a detrimental effect on the fetus conceived by the mother. Fetus in the uterus is only going to get food from the nutrients are absorbed. So for a spicy flavor will not be absorbed by the fetus.

Several studies have shown, spicy foods can increase a person's appetite. A pregnant mother eating extremely difficult because of the nausea and others. Here food with spicy taste can help improve the appetite of the mother.

Dangers Spicy Food For Health

Indeed spicy foods if consumed in large quantities can be made either pregnant or not pregnant can suffer health problems. Spicy food hazards is what we must note that not one of consumption. The following health effects that may result from excessive consumption of spicy foods:

1. Be cause pain in the stomach wall
Spicy be one of the factors that can make stomach acid to rise. Eating spicy foods in large amounts will make increased gastric acid in large numbers anyway. If stomach acid is in large quantities, it will irritate the stomach wall.

2. Causes of ulcer disease
A person who frequently eat spicy foods, in the long term are likely to be suffering from ulcer disease. Maag also can lead to ulcers in the acute stage. Symptoms - symptoms if you are exposed to gastric ulcer is nausea, flatulence, vomiting to diarrhea.

3. Effect on Gastrointestinal System
When you eat spicy food, your gastrointestinal system will feel the heat of spicy flavor. Mouth and stomach when you feel the spicy taste is actually the second part of the digestive system is not really - really feel the spicy taste. In fact, capsaicin is in this spicy foods to enable a substance P which causes scalding and burning sensation. Some sources spicy taste like horseradish and mustard even can damage body tissue. This was said by the health center at New York University Langone.

If the stomach feels very sore after consuming spicy foods, drink a glass of milk. Milk will help neutralize and relieve the pain in the stomach.

4. Effect on Skin Burned
Holding chili or other spicy foods before consumption can lead your hand syndrome Hunan hand. Hunan hand syndrome in the form of pain, redness and swelling in the area of ​​skin that terkenan spicy foods earlier.


Solution so that you avoid this kind of syndrome is you can wear gloves when handling spicy foods like chili or using a spoon or fork so that the skin does not interact directly with the source spicy. If you've already occurs, wash hands using methamphetamine and warm water and rinse until clean.

5. Effect on Eyes Perih
If after holding the spicy food you forget to wash your hands, and not accidentally touching the eyes, the eyes were definitely going to feel sore. Starting from the pain, the effects of spicy food exposed in the eyes can also make the area around the eyes become swollen.

Use a towel that has been dibahasi then rubbed some on the eyes and the area around the eyes. If the sore is getting worse condition, immediately contact your doctor.

6. Causes Numb Tongue
If you eat a spicy meal at a very high level, a result that might happen is that will be experienced numb your tongue. Conditions numb tongue can reach up to three days if you are not accustomed to the spicy level.

7. Causing Heartburn
Very spicy can also directly cause a person to feel heartburn. If this condition occurs, you can handle it by eating the meal that bersift absorb as bread.

8. Acid Reflux
RA (Acid Reflux) is one of the diseases that caused the damage in the esophagus. This disease causes the stomach contents to flow back into the esophagus. In addition to damage to the esophagus, it will also cause inflammation and pain. Spicy foods in general give an effect that can damage the stomach wall.

9. Insomnia
Spicy foods can cause sleeplessness, you should consume spicy foods during the day and not at night.

Similarly, regarding a variety of health problems that can be experienced when you eat spicy foods excessively. In essence actually spicy foods also have benefits such as increased appetite. However, if consumed in excess, spicy foods will be merugikanbagi your health.

Spicy Food Consumption Tips

Do not consume as snacks, main meals made.
No consumption of spicy foods at night
Gastric acid as spicy foods can be neutralized with milk
If you have ulcer disease, should avoid spicy foods
Do not consume food too spicy, love your stomach.
Dangers of spicy foods in general will affect the digestive system, especially the stomach. Should we consume spicy food reasonable so as not to trouble later. If the reasonable consumption, spicy foods can be healthy daily diet because chili is a source of vitamin C.


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