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Friday, July 10, 2015

Here's 7 Healthy Solutions For Living In Big City

 "Must Stay Healthy While Living in the Big City", is the hope of most people, especially in the country of Indonesia. Urbanization or migration from rural to urban areas is a major choice most of us to change an uncertain fate in his native village. However, it's good to start to be aware of the risks and health problems arise, if you decide to settle and work in the big city. There are a variety of powerful solutions in order to remain healthy living in urban areas. So, what are the healthy solution for those who live in the big city ... ???

     Friend, health tips. The relative ease of making a living or work in big cities sparked some of us flocked went to town. This phenomenon can be clearly seen when there is an increase backflow time after the Idul Fitri. Achieving success in life by working in a big city is not without risk. Various issues related to health will be a threat that must be aware of its existence. Here are 7 healthy solution for those of you who have to live in big cities:

1. Keep Always Wear Masks When Traveling matter where. Air pollution in large cities are already at an alarming level. For this reason, the use of masks has become a mandatory requirement for those who live in big cities.

2. Avoid Smoke far as may be. Some people who do not smoke or passive smokers also have health risks as great as they are accustomed to smoking or active smokers. Therefore, trying to escape from the siege of cigarette smoke can be a solution for passive smokers.

3. Try Consuming Foods in Self Catering. Not a few of the elements that combine various food vendors hazardous substances into the food it sells which of course can be dangerous and have serious consequences for the health of your body.

4. Limit consumption of fried foods. Food fried in the same oil over and over again potentially contain trans fats raise levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and organs harm your heart.

5. Limit consumption of instant food. Most urban residents prefer to consume a variety of foods such as instant noodles paced istan and others. Though eating instant food continuously would be bad for your health. There is a powerful solution to cook instant noodles right. Please read more in Tips Easy Healthy Cooking Instant Noodles.

6. A time Exercising Although only Foot. The lack of a place or area to exercise will lower one's motivation to exercise for those who live in big cities. For this reason, waking up early when the traffic is still quiet for exercise is one effective solution.

7. Hand Washing With Soap After Travelling Nor After Home Work. Because it was feared germs, viruses and bacteria will stick to the hands without ever realizing it which can be a serious problem for the health of the body, if it gets into the body along with the food you consume.


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