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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Often Negative Thinking Can Make Pain?

When stressed, never felt so sick stomach? If so, it's not just you feel alone. There are many people who feel what he thinks and feels produce physical symptoms, as many think or have a negative emotional impact on health decreased as well. Do not believe? Various studies have been many who express it.

For example, cynicism or be looked down on something or someone. According to a study in 2014, cynicism can evolve to a higher level of distrust that someone made them more at risk of developing dementia than those who can give confidence to others.

Then, in the 2009 study in the journal Circulation based on the data of 100,000 women found that participants had greater potential cynicism have heart disease. Other findings in this study also found pessimistic women have a greater chance of dying than are optimistic about themselves and their future.

One other negative emotion is pride. If you feel have these properties should begin to reduce. According to a study published in the 2014 Journal of Stroke, people who are not friendly natural risk of chronic stress and symptoms of depression.

Depression, could have an impact on loss of appetite and is connected to the increase in type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and disability in later life.

According to the scientists of the Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley, Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD, thoughts and emotions have a broad effect on the body such as metabolism, release of hormones, and immune function. When stressed, for example, increased cortisol levels which can easily come menyabkan disease.

In addition, feelings or thoughts of depression, stress, cynics may point to bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and non-physical activity as reported by the Health page, Thursday (07/09/2015).

To change the negative feelings and thoughts that try to change the perspective of the world as it says Simon-Thomas.

Negative thinking will not take us in the direction of improvement, it makes the feeling worse (had failed coupled with negative thinking, double right ??). And it will result to our performance was disappointing. If continued would be a never-ending circle.

to prevent and cope with negative thoughts, as follows:

1. Live in the moment.

Thinking about the past or the future is something that often makes us anxious. Rarely do we panic because the present events. If you find your mind terkukung in what has happened or what had happened, remember that it is only today that we can control.

2. Say positive things to yourself

Tell yourself that you are strong, you are able to. Say it constantly, anytime. Especially, start today by saying positive things about yourself and the day, no matter if the day you have to take difficult decisions or you do not believe what you say to yourself.

3. Believe in the power of positive thinking

If you think positive, positive things will come and the difficulties will feel lighter. Conversely, if you think negative, negative things will happen to you. This is a universal law, like the law of gravity or energy exchange. Will not be easy to change your mindset, but worth the effort you can reap.

4. Do not be silent.

Browse what makes you think negatively, fix, and re-developed. If it can not be repaired anymore, stop complaining and regret because it will only spend time and energy, also makes you feel worse. Accept what has happened, lessons learned / lessons from it, and re-developed.

5. Focus on positive things.

When we're being so negative, we often forget what we have and focus more on what we do not have. Keep a gratitude journal. No matter the time, each day write down five of six positive things that happened that day. The positive thing that could be big things or just little things like 'sunny day' or 'eat this evening amazing'. As long as you remain consistent to do this activity, it is able to transform your negative thoughts into a positive thought. And when you start to feel a negative thought, read the journal.

6. Move

Exercising releases endorphins that can make you become a better feeling. Is it just a walk or run mengelelingi blocks of ten kilometers, physical activity will make ourselves feel better. When you feel down, sport activity fifteen minutes can make you feel better.

7. Face your fear

Negative feelings come from fear, the more afraid you are going to live, the more negative thoughts in you. If you are afraid of something, do something about it. Fear is a part of life but we have the choice to not let fear stop us.

8. Try new things

Trying new things can also increase self-confidence. By saying "yes" to your life open up more opportunities to grow. Stay away from the mind "Yes, but ..". A new experience, small or large, make life more fun and useful.

9. Change perspective

When things do not go well, find a way to look at it from a more positive perspective. In every challenge there is an advantage, there is a challenge in any profits.

Source: From Various Sources

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