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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

When to Replace Toothbrush?

One way to take care of teeth is to brush your teeth. But, do not forget, you also need to care for a toothbrush, to avoid the various germs and diseases.

You certainly never aware of anything that sticks in the toothbrush bristles. "A toothbrush can be contaminated with a variety of oral microbial bacteria that goes into the mouth," said Sharon Cooper, PhD, clinical professor of the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

Viruses and bacteria from the mouth of people who are infected can live for weeks on the surface of a toothbrush and will continuously cause the disease, said Cooper.

In fact, under normal conditions, healthy microorganisms that can cause infection, especially if it goes into the gum tissue is being injured. Moreover, the toothbrush is not sold in sterile packaging, so it is possible there are bacteria attached on the toothbrush, although the new out of the box though, according to the American Dental Association officially in the discussion toothbrush treatment.

Keep toothbrushes

You might never think to clean your toothbrush, because you feel you have to wash it with water every day after brushing your teeth. However, cleaning a toothbrush must be performed and in an easy way.

To wash toothbrush, rinse the brush gig overall use tap water to remove any debris flows. If necessary, you can soak them in antibacterial mouthwash and put it into the sterilizer. To clean the toothbrush to the maximum, there are some people who use ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms in the toothbrush.

After washing toothbrush, keep it in the correct place. Avoid storing toothbrushes in a closet in the wet or put it in a cup and then leave. Proper storage method is put upright on a shelf or in a cup, but after a dry given the still allow for air circulation. Because the lack of air can foster bacteria.

Replace regularly

Always replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months, or when the toothbrush sudahh uncomfortable and not fit for use, although not yet reached 3 months. "Fur is already a mess toothbrush will not clean teeth and gums properly," said Cooper.

In addition, always replace the toothbrush after you get sick. Likewise with seluaruh family members at home. Because, toothbrushes used for the sick save a lot of bacteria, so discard and replace with a new one.

Most importantly, avoid using a toothbrush turns, even with his own family members. Sharing toothbrushes will transfer saliva and bacteria, including species that cause tooth decay. "Tooth decay is regarded as a contagious disease, it is clear this is one of the reasons why it did not need to share toothbrushes with other people '.

there are 4 times where you should brush your teeth immediately replaced, as reported by Women's Health, Friday (17/05/2013):

1. bristles already tenuous
Every time bristles have lost their rigidity, color, and turned into a tenuous, then it is an indication that the toothbrush needs to be replaced.

"Often stacked by using toothpaste would be a nest of bacteria. If the bristles have changed shape and color, immediately replace it with a new toothbrush," said Carolyn Taggart-Burns, DDS, an expert from the Academy of General Dentistry.

2. Falling anywhere
Although toothbrush just fall for less than 2 seconds, does not mean that the bacteria will not stick.

"Brush your teeth are falling even in an instant, already terhinggap by many bacteria. If it is used again, the bacteria will migrate to the mouth and tooth decay," said Taggart-Burns.

Importantly, if the toothbrush falls, anywhere and at any time collapse, discard and replace with a new one.

3. 'Sticking' with another person's toothbrush
If you share a bathroom with other people, then put the toothbrush adjacent to the toothbrush, then most likely your toothbrush 'stick' with the toothbrush.

"Basically it makes the bacteria in both toothbrushes exchanged places. It's a risk of spreading disease that may be owned by the other person," said Taggart-Burns.

Chances are you to immediately infected depends on how close you are to the owner of the toothbrush. It also depends pda bacteria that what others have. But Taggart-Burns suggested, is as close as any, should immediately replace your toothbrush when seen already attached to another toothbrush.

4. Toothbrush stored in a sealed container for more than 1 day
For example is when you are traveling, you certainly will save toiletries, including toothbrush in a closed container. If it has been stored for more than 1 day, you should immediately change your toothbrush.

This is because bacteria grow in moist environments, so it is important to let the toothbrush in dry conditions.

If you're traveling but still want to brush your teeth free of bacteria, look for containers that have holes for ventilation so that air can enter.

5. It has been more than three months since it was first used
The best time to replace the toothbrush is already 3 months while using the old toothbrush.

"After 3 months, the bacteria that settle would have much. Record when you first use a new toothbrush in order to know when you need to replace it."

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