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Friday, July 31, 2015

Iron At Kale Better than spinach

Although spinach contains iron, but the greens have proved difficult to digest the body and can cause serious disease problems. So what vegetables containing iron and safe to eat?

According to Nutritionist Fiona Hunter, spinach contains oxalic acid which together with calcium to form insoluble compounds and can not be absorbed by the body. Moreover, oxalic acid and water-soluble salts can harm the body.

"Oxalic acid is not only prevents the absorption of calcium but also can be dangerous, because these compounds are toxic. In certain doses, oxalic acid can cause digestive problems (pyrosis, abdominal cramps, and vomiting) to death," said Hunter, quoted the Telegraph, Tuesday (12/05/2015).

On the other hand, Hunter said, not all green vegetables contain oxalic acid. Vegetable kale, for example, is a source of nutrients better than spinach. In addition, iron can also be obtained from red meat.


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