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Sunday, July 26, 2015

3 Disorders Too often Staring Screen Phones

In addition to the computer screen, modern daily also inseparable from the other technological devices that use screens such as smartphones and televisions. But be careful not to excess, might be the victim of your eyes.

Until now there has been no study that shows the use of technology to sail caused permanent eye damage. But staring at a bright screen for hours can cause problems in the eye such as disclosed ophthalmologist from the University of Miami, USA, Dr. Richard Shugarman.

Then, often a lot of people come to the doctor's eyes expressed discomfort with eye conditions. Though it could be that it was due too long in front of sailing technology.

Here are three things that ordinary people complain about too long to use technology to sail as quoted by page Live Science.

1. Headache
Screen with high contrast can cause headaches as disclosed Shugarman. "Reading the berlatarelakang very bright dark can make muscle spasms in the eye so light caused headaches," said Shugarman.
If you have a head start headache, try to adjust the contrast on the computer screen, TV, and HP try to reduce the contrast.

2. Dry Eye
When looking at something in the distance, the eyes will blink several times. But when looking at things close to you will make the eyes rarely blink so that tears dry up faster typing blink more often.

3. Eye tense
Spent hours using a computer or mobile device making eye muscles tense and cause headaches, he says. If you work with computers can struggle to cope with berisitirahat several times an hour.


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