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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Effects of Acid Food For Pregnant Women?

Pregnant Woman prefer young mango sour taste than with fruits that taste sweet. Whether it is experienced by all pregnant women, is there any influence which endanger the fetus and expectant mother when eating foods that taste sour? The question is often a question commonly experienced by prospective father mengkhawatrikan pregnant wife's condition and often consume foods that taste sour.
Remember when pregnant refrain from eating certain foods because of fear it would interfere with fetal development and health. However you do not need to worry because the food could still sour taste you consume. Moreover, pregnant women are synonymous with acidic fruit such as mango muda.Hanya alone in taking it you have to know the portion so as not to cause health problems in pregnant women.

You should know that each pregnant woman has a different physical condition so that not all eating acidic foods can be safe for your health. Although basically consume acidic foods allowed for pregnant women. Eating acidic foods will increase acid reflux that would make mucus (sputum) though this will be different for each pregnant woman.
In the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnancy hormone rose dramatically, so will interfere with the appetite of pregnant women. This can lead to eating acidic foods taste more interesting because it would eliminate the feeling of nausea when consumed. Eating acidic foods safe for pregnant women as long as not too much and too often. Some of the conditions pregnant women are not strong because the sour taste will trigger diarrhea due to stomach irritation. Batasa applies to the food or beverage that tastes sour. This condition will worsen mother who has a history of gastritis (stomach upset).

Well, okay you eat foods that taste sour. Eg young mango fruit as long as the limits are not excessive. Young mango contains vitamin C which helps in cell formation and absorption of iron. Young mango also can treat nausea in pregnant women.
In other words, eating foods that taste sour will not harm the health of the mother during consumed with the appropriate portion and not too often. Health problems when eating sour foods will trigger anyway disorders in the fetus. For example, when mothers consume too much acidic foods that cause mothers to experience diarrhea and interfere with mother's appetite, this will impact on your baby if it lasts long. Try when consuming acidic foods you already eat breakfast. Consumed on an empty stomach circumstances will result in an increase in stomach acid.
Like the above description that the food will not taste sour harm the health of pregnant women or fetus during consumption servings. To maintain your physical condition during pregnancy are advised to create a varied food menu that is not easily bored and reduce complaints of pregnancy. Especially in the first trimester, pregnant women often make nausea and vomiting. Complete also with fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber which helps digestion of pregnant women.


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