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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beware! 12 Habits It Could Make You Old Faster !

Premature aging can be caused by many things, ranging from UV rays, pollution by the use of air conditioning. In addition to the three it is, it turns out habits unconsciously often do you do each day, was also influential in accelerating the aging process in your body.

Then habits as anything that can make you old faster?

1. Excessive stress
Stress not only affects the mental and emotional health, but also have an impact on the physical condition, one of them makes you look much older than they should. Are you the person who often feel stressed because of too many things to worry about? You can try to remove the stress that you experience in ways of relaxation such as listening to soothing music, add aromatherapy in the bedroom, meditation, yoga and so on.

2. Drinking through a straw
Prefer to use a straw when drinking? We recommend that you begin to stop it because it will have a negative impact skin health. Pursed lips forward motion while sucking can cause fine lines around the lips. If often done, it will make the lip skin becomes tense and increasingly deepen and clarify the folds of the lips.

3. Listen to music out loud
The signs of premature aging is not just happening on the skin, but also on other body organs such as the ear which is characterized by the declining ability of the ear to listen. Premature aging of the ear can be caused by many things, one of them for listening to loud music. Listen to your favorite songs in a loud voice is pleasant and you can relieve stress naturally. However, if done in a long time and continuously, it will actually increase the risk of hearing loss early, especially if you listen with a headset. To avoid their impact, use the speaker to listen to music in large volumes.

4. Ignoring skin care
Skin care routine can also be one way to slow down premature aging of the skin. Do not need expensive skin care, you can do it yourself in ways that are very easy. For example, always use a night cream before bed to keep the skin moist and accelerate the process of skin regeneration.
Also, make sure that you also do not miss a sunscreen when going outdoors activities. UV rays from the sun is the main cause premature aging of the skin such as the appearance of fine wrinkles, dark spots and skin pores are getting bigger. Use facial creams and lotions that contain SPF sunscreen as protection from dangerous UV rays.

5. Lack of exercise
Lack of exercise will lead to lower physical fitness, which in turn will accelerate the aging process of the skin. Therefore, regular exercise is necessary to reduce the risk of premature aging.
In addition to slowing aging, regular exercise can also increase your longevity up to 10 years you know, Toppers. So if you want to stay young and live long, do not forget to exercise every day, well, at least 30 minutes after waking up in the morning.

6. Ignoring sleep / lack Of Sleep
Sleep is the time in which the body's cells, including skin cells to regenerate or repair. On exertion outdoors in the daytime, skin cells are already struggling against exposure to UV rays from the sun and free radicals. Therefore, we need enough sleep so that skin cells can make improvements. Lack of sleep will lead to the regeneration of cells disrupted, causing premature aging of the skin characterized by skin that is dull and dark circles in the eye area.
In addition to bedtime, sleeping position also affects the aging of the face. Sleeping on your side and prone to make the burden rests on the head and face making skin continuously depressed. Sleep supine position is the best position to keep your facial skin firmness. (See also: 6 Sleep Position and Influence for Health)

7. Smoking
Surely Toppers already know smoking will give a lot of negative impact to the health of our bodies? Besides being good for health, smoking has also become another bad habit that can accelerate the aging process. This is because the exposure of cigarette smoke directly can also create dry skin and more wrinkles. Well if you're a smoker, you should reduce and stop the unhealthy habits from now on.

8. Poor diet
If you are accustomed to eating instant foods and fried foods, you should begin to keep up with the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants that are important to counteract free radicals that can accelerate damage to cells in the body, including skin cells. This skin cell damage may be the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and black spots on the skin. By eating vegetables and fresh fruits on a daily basis, you can slow the aging process in the body and reduce the risk of various cancers.

9. Squinting at the sight
Frequent squinting when trying to see things more clearly? If so, you should begin to kick the habit from now on. This is because the squint will make wrinkles in the area around the eyes look more vivid. If you have vision problems such as eye minus, you should use glasses or soft contact lenses to help you see more clearly, without having to squint.

10. sleep without removing make-up
After a long day outside the home all day, you may often feel lazy to remove the makeup on your face. However, these habits can be one of the causes you prematurely old. Dust and pollutants that stick to the skin when you are outside the home can cause skin problems such as acne, black spots and so on. So do not forget to always clean and wash your face before going to sleep well, Toppers.

11. Complaining
Often complain of the work or other things you do not like? Turns addition will make you look like a person who is not grateful, this habit can make you old faster you know, Toppers. Because when complaining, without realizing you menyernyitkan forehead. If you often complain, do not be surprised if this time it appears the folds in the forehead.

12. Rubbed eye
Maybe you often rubbed his eyes while sleepy or when the eyes feel itchy. But it turns out these habits can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area. Well to avoid premature aging, should begin to stop rubbed your eyes now. If the eyes are itchy, you can shed eyedrops.

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