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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shiny hair remains soft when heated air? This secret

Often when the air is so hot, you become visible fine hair is very dry, cluttered and damaged. Whether because of the wind, hot sun and humidity temperature, all less friendly to your hair.

But the hot air is not the end of the beauty of your hair. As reported by the website Harpersbazzar on Tuesday (14/07/2015), the following are ways to keep your hair softness and luster despite being in the middle of hot air.

1. If a bath with shower, try to use a filter on your shower faucet. The use of a filter on the shower faucet will reduce the amount of iron that can emit a yellowish color and chlorine. Secondly it proved to be harmful to health and the color of your hair.

2. Always wear Conditioner
Shampoo containing alkaline material can make the hair is not shiny and rough. If your hair tends to dry and rough, use conditioner is needed. Hair conditioner will return to normal conditions and softer after use alkaline shampoo. The best time to apply conditioner to the hair after shampoo usage is 2 minutes.

3. One treatment that is now in the salon is to maintain your hair color. Do this treatment, because in addition to maintaining the hair color, vitamin content in a product that is used to maintain the health of your hair.

4. Every time you swim, rinse your hair first. By rinsing the hair before swimming, the amount of chlorine to be absorbed by your hair will be reduced.

5. Use a sunscreen for hair. Try to buy and apply hair oils containing keapa oil and cinnamon. Both of these materials can absorb sunlight and keep the beauty of color and moisture hair.

6. Lower the temperature of air heating devices you will be using. Now there are many products that are created to care for the health and beauty of hair. However, if you keep the hair heat
You with high temperatures, all of the products that will be used in vain.


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