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Friday, July 17, 2015

Longevity with Carbohydrates Increase

Carbohydrates are often regarded as weight gain. In fact, carbohydrates are the main source of calories for the body. It is also the reason, carbo diet rarely give significant results. Instead busy reducing carbohydrate intake, good from now multiply the consumption of carbohydrate to prolong life.

Results of a new study seemed to be good news, a low protein diet and high carbohydrate can be just as effective as a low-calorie diet. This diet, can prolong life and good for heart health and digestion.

Scientists previously had believed, that the way that is proven to have a longer life is to restrict calories. However, researchers from Charles Perkins Study Center at the University of Sydney have found similar benefits in the combined diet of high protein and low carbohydrate.

"We have known for years, that by limiting calorie diet will increase the life span, in almost all organisms," says Professor Stephen Simpson, Charles Perkins academic director of the Center is also involved in the study.

"But, few are able to maintain a calorie reduction of up to 40 per cent in the long term, and is even at risk of losing bone mass, libido and fertility," added Professor Simpson.

For this latest study, they compared the two mice. One rat with a calorie-restricted diet, while the other mice did combined with a diet low in protein, but high in carbohydrates.

"As a result, the mice received the same benefits of the combined diet low in protein and high in carbohydrates, such as calorie restriction diet to 40 percent. If the same thing applies to us, this means good for the aging process, with less pain than calorie restriction," Professor Simpson said.

Unfortunately, according to Professor Simpson, high-carbohydrate diet is indeed still exist shortcomings. The combined low protein diet and high carbohydrate, tend to have beneficial effects later in life, but can actually increase hunger and causes weight gain.


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