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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Benefits of Hugging Son

One of the fun activities in the parent and child relationship is embraced. Parents can embrace every day. For example, when playing, sleeping, and so on. Hugging can also be done when the parent and child are reunited after a separation period specified, good separation of short-term and long-term.

Although embraced the needs that are universal, not everyone is accustomed to hug each other. To be able to give hugs sincere, it takes maturity both intrapersonal and maturity in relations between individuals. This is because the behavior is the behavior hug each share a sense of security and comfort. Both types of emotions is very much needed in the development of each individual's life, including the development of a child's life.

From the cultural point of view, not all communities in the hemisphere has buydaya and the same behavior in a hug including in the context of parent and child relationships. On the one hand there are groups of people who seems quite comfortable so often gives hugs and kisses among each other in general with adults and in particular on their children even when their children have grown into adults. On the other hand, there are also groups of people who seemed less comfortable enough to embrace behavior in their relationships so the impact on the lack of hugging their children.

As Asians, our society including community groups raises many hugs in the relation of individuals daily compared to some other countries such communities European community. In our society, hug often directly associated with the various things that besifat eroticism which in turn is considered to potentially be a violation of decency and moral when it is done by people who are not bound by the institution of marriage. Therefore, many people suddenly feel embarrassed to give each other a hug each other.

Hugging and kissing, including in the context of relationships between parents and children actually has its own benefits. Here are the benefits of embracing:

1. Benefits physically
Hugs and kisses it caused positive changes in the physiological condition of the individual. Andrea F. pollard revealed that hug can lower blood pressure, normalize the heartbeat, and the lower levels of the stress hormone called cortisol ("4 Benefits of Hugs, for Mind and Body," nd). In addition, according to Paul Zack from Claremont University (the "Hugs Need to Be Given Properly," nd), hugs Oxitocin can release hormones that can build confidence, reduce fear, and add a sense of compassion and generosity.

2. Benefits relationally
Hugs psychologically can encourage the growth of a sense of connectedness or psychological bond between individuals. When the parents hugging children, psychological bond both be improved. Children will also be convinced that the world is a safe place for the development of life. This feeling will help the child to confidently perform a variety of exploration which in turn will help the development itself in times to come.

3. Benefits of the time the psychological pressure
In addition to the day-to-day conditions, hugging is also beneficial when individuals experiencing psychological distress. When he appeared psychological pressure because of the problem, the individual requires social support to restore him in a stable condition.
Hug is one of the social support that can provide security and comfort so as to accelerate individuals who are experiencing pressure to return to a stable condition. In the context of children, hug can be given when the child feels the presence of various threats and fear. Through arms, the child can be re-assured that they will always medapat support and the threat will be able to pass so that he will be sure to return to the exploration of the world around him. Here are some benefits Psychologically:

- Improving Security
Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell said ------------------- "Hugging is given when the child goes to school every morning gives a sense of emotional safety to children and eliminate the insecurity of the day "----------- This is possible because a hug is a sign of parents to children that parents are open to it and ready to listen to children's stories about the state met in activities throughout the day. In addition, the arms are also a sign of honesty between parents and children. It is good for the development of children's character because he can be open and honest without fear.

- Boost Confidence
One function of the hormone oxytocin in children's mental health is giving feeling of being able, for the spirit of invincibility, and strong. All this will make the child more confident. A survey has shown, children are often embraced more confident than children who rarely embraced. Children commonly interpret the arms of her parents as a form of acceptance. Children are often embraced feel more comfortable and safe to try new things and completing various challenges in the vicinity. Parent's arms, reception parents for the success or failure of a child is the basis of the formation of a positive self-esteem.

- Upgrading Pressing Depression
Hugs received by children since childhood can increase a sense of self-love. Of course this is good. Because the child will not be easy to feel lonely and depressed.

- Boost Optimism
Hugs effect on the way children think. Children who rarely embraced tend to be pessimistic. Instead children are often embraced more optimistic in life.

- Increase Positive Thoughts
Besides being able to increase the optimism, the arms can also make children think positively. This happens because the arms affect the health of a child's brain. Embrace more effective than words of praise or pity because it makes children feel loved and appreciated, hug a positive impact on the development and IQ of children. Parent's arms were warm, comfortable and soothing almost always make a child happy. Hug a child interpreted as a form of positive reception on his parents, including the acceptance of all the ideas that emerge. And also, a hug is a signal for children to enhance the imagination.

- Improve the ability to solve problems
If you find that your child does not have sufficient ability to resolve his problems, it could be not because he did not know how to do but also probably because you did not give him enough hugs. Hugs have an influence on a child's ability to solve problems. Melly psychologist explains -------- "They should also know that a hug is full of tenderness is one way that can help solve the problem, especially in children who behave uniquely." ----------- -----------------

- Enhance Flavor of Love
We know that a hug is one way to express feelings of love and affection to the child. This was also influential for the development of children's attitudes. Children are often embraced will bring up feelings of love and affection towards one another. That is, when we hug our children, then we are being taught how to continue the virtuous cycle.

- Self-Concept
Children are often beaten by parents will have a negative self concept. Children who frequently hugged and stroked expected to have a positive self-concept. Children will have the confidence that he is a delightful children because parents always show affection through hugs and caresses.

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