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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Healthy Habits Make It White Teeth increasingly

Yellowish teeth and unhealthy to be the cause of this. No need to worry solution for white teeth and healthy is not always the expensive treatments.

Dream - Sometimes a person embarrassed to show off your teeth when laughing. Yellowish teeth and unhealthy to be the cause of this. No need to worry solution for white teeth and healthy is not always the expensive treatments.

Reported Allwomenstalk, Friday, July 31, 2015 there are some easy ways to whiten teeth in a short time and saving.

1. Buy Baking Soda
Baking soda is cheap and easy to find is one of the best natural way to whiten teeth. Mix with a little toothpaste and sikatkan on the teeth once a day, be sure to rinse thoroughly. Should be done at night before bed, backing soda can help remove stains on teeth.

2. Consumption Strawberries
Tiny little seeds on strawberries act as scrubbers bitty on teeth, can remove dirt and dust that sticks to the teeth. Eat 1/2 cup a day for best results. Strawberries are also delicious and low in calories, which makes free from guilt to someone who is on a diet.

3. Avoid coffee and soda
For most people drink coffee and soda are favorites, but can damage the teeth and yellow colored. Soda can also cause damage to the teeth, change the color of the teeth become yellow, sugar in soda is also high. For that is not entirely able to avoid coffee, should use a straw to drink to offset the direct contact with the teeth.

4. Familiarize Toothbrush After Eating
It is a habit that is hard to do, but the effect is bad for dental health. Proverb says could be as usual, then start slowly. Brushing after every meal not only helps whiten teeth, but also good for breath, gums and stop the appetite.

Make a habit of carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste each trip, it can help familiarize brushing teeth after eating.

5. Carefully Choosing Toothpaste
Many toothpastes on the market contain chemicals that are terrible, expect healthy but if not careful can be disastrous to the health and can lead to the risk of oral cancer. Choose a toothpaste with a natural ingredient, you should note on the label whether it contains bleach or other harmful compounds. Ask in detail by the experts when they do not understand the content available on pasta you want to buy.

6. Flossing
this is one habit that takes a hard and long, but Flossing is very important to keep the teeth from stains in the folds of the gums and can help prevent gum disease. Dental floss or flossing is to clean between the teeth with a kind of yarns made of silk material (usually synthetic).
Although many are unfamiliar, but cleaning the teeth with dental floss is considered more effective because it can eliminate more than 60 percent of dental plaque especially hidden between the teeth and gums and not

7. Consumption Lemon
Ascorbic acid in the form of Vitamin C contained in the lemon acts as a teeth whitener. Not recommended for direct menyikatkan lemon on your teeth, you should mix the drinks, mineral water better.

8. Clean the tongue
Use a tongue scraper every morning to remove plaque on the tongue and make breath fresher. One cause of bad breath is the buildup of bacteria on the tongue, which can be removed easily using a tongue cleaner. In addition, cleaning the tongue is also effective for maintaining oral hygiene, which would certainly have a positive impact for dental hygiene. Oral hygiene early strong gums and teeth look white and healthy, at least according to the opinion of Dr. Katz.

9. Clean toothbrush
Cleaning toothbrush or replace parts of the toothbrush head elekrik at least two or three months will be very helpful in maintaining the appearance of the teeth. If not, your teeth will be a very easy to evolve into a hotbed of bacteria.

10. Keep the breath stays fresh
As previously mentioned fresh breath can be an early indicator of a healthy oral cavity. Thus maintaining the freshness of breath, including one of our efforts to control oral hygiene. To continue to keep the breath stays fresh, touch the base of the tongue and kiss while still wet. If you smell bad, then it's time you eat sugar-free mints to prevent bad breath. Do not be too underestimate bacteria, because it could be bacteria which later would undermine the strength of the teeth to make teeth lose their brightness.

A smile is the best asset, with these methods can now make more confident with whiter teeth and healthier without the need to spend deeply for this treatment. Start something with a smile.

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