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Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Apply Eyeliner confused? Follow Tips Here It

Eyeliner is one of the makeup tools that must be used to reinforce and beautify the shape of the eye. Eyeliner usually used in various eye shapes, ranging from narrow eyes, round eyes up wide eyes. By using the eyeliner properly then the eye will look increasingly sharper and assertive.

 There is really no correct way to apply eyeliner because back in the style of every woman. Nothing like it looks thick frame the eyes, but some are choosing bright colors to enhance its appearance. The thing to remember is to make use of the makeup of this one that conforms to the shape of the eyeball.

Lets recognize deeper noting the following review.

Almond-shaped eyes

This form is considered the most ideal because it has eyelids that look, but not too deep, so as to facilitate the use of eyeliner. To make the eyes look more open, apply eyeliner on the upper lash line. Use brown color to give a smooth and natural makeup.

Round eyes

The lack of proper application of eyeliner on round eyes can make it bigger and make less balanced facial proportions. Pull a thin eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the upper lashes. Then began to make bold around the tip of the lash line. Do the same for the bottom lash line, then blend a little to soften your eye makeup.

Do not Have Eyelid

Use black eyeliner or dark blue and is waterproof for eyes that do not have lids. To create a dramatic eye makeup, eyeliner drag along the upper lash line, then move on to the skin below the upper lash line, to give the impression of a deeper eye. No need to use eyeliner on the lower lash line, but pertebal mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Sunken eyes look

Create an optical illusion that more rose by tracing a line on the inside corner, and then began to rise towards the end of your eyebrows. The result will look like the cat eye makeup that makes your face look cool. Try dark eyeliner colors, such as black, brown, or dark blue.

Liquid Eyeliner Tips for Choosing the Right :
  • Choosing a good liquid eye liner are paramount. Make sure you choose a liquid eye liner is made of WATER PROOF. excess waterproof for easy cleaning and do not fade quickly, so that small stains will not look around the eyes.
  • Choose eye liner brush tip is tapered due to the tapered tip eye liner that will facilitate the use of liquid eyeliner.
  • For color selection, choose the color of eye liner that matches the color of your eyes. For Asians choose eye liner with black, brown or plum. Make sure that the color blends with the color of your eye shadow.

Here's How to wear Eyeliner:
  • For beginners should Rest your elbow on the table so that a steady hand does not tremble when creating lines with eye liner.
  • Make the first line of the eye to be given liquid eye liner with eye pencil. Increasingly thin shadow line is created, it will obtain a perfect eye line.
  • Draw a line on your eyelid line from the inner to the outer edge of the eye (the other part of the hand while pulling the tip of the eyelid so much easier when applying eye liner and gives more straight line).
  • If you want to display a thicker repeat once again, this time from the middle of the eyelid towards the outer edge of the eyelid.
  • Eye liner to paint lines should be in one pull and do not stop in the middle so that average viscosity.
  • Wear eye liner after wearing eye shadow and before mascara to make it more durable. Base eyeshadow can be smeared in advance that are not easily melted (smudge).
  • Wait until dry before greasing again to add thickness.
  • For those who want to create a makeup cat eyes or Korean-style can attract the outer edge tapering towards the top.
  • To the bottom of the eye, apply eyeliner pencil by pulling the tip of the lower eyelid. When applying eyeliner pencil, open your mouth so that the eye muscles become more supple and the tip of a pencil with a cotton swab to be more gentle when applying it to the eye.
  • Preferably liquid eye liner just for upper eyelid only. (Use of eye liner at the bottom customize which will appear as the use of eye liner bottom, it will look too 'menor')
  • For the lower eyelid, choose eye liner pencil.
  • Adjust colors with eye liner and eye shadow color of your eyebrows.
  • For colored eye liner, use during a party or special event only. Avoid red color and gradation, such as burgundy or pink, because the color will make your eyes look sick and unhealthy.
In addition to the above you can also try using means wearing eye liner eye liner in accordance with the following types:
  • You can apply the eyeliner pencil with an interesting way leads to the upper eyelid to make it easier when will form the eye line. After that make the line as close to the lash line, in order to seem more natural and eye shape will look firmer.
  • In applying liquid eyeliner, you can try to make sure first if the brush does not clot before applying it on your eyes. After that moment will form a line, make sure your hands do not tremble and sway. To make it easier to form a neat line, you can make a mark at the point along the line of the eye. Then draw a straight line in one movement.
  • If you have a liquid eyeliner pencil, then you can apply almost the same as liquid eyeliner, just the packaging alone easier and more practical. While the form of gel eyeliner, you can take eyeliner gel eyeliner brush, little, typically forms a pointed brush and thin. After that, apply on the eyes. Its use is similar to liquid eyeliner.
The following note:

If something goes wrong or incomplete Scratches use makeup remover to help clean up. In contrast to eye liner with a shape that is not expected, remove with cotton saturate use a moisturizer, it will remove the liner without affecting other makeup.

The use of liquid eye liner is a great way to make the eyes look more sparkling. So do not be afraid to use it. Besides liquid eyeliner was more practical because in all scratches can produce sharp eyes. In some topical course, a glance of the eye seemed dramatically in an instant.

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