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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Surely you've all been angry cry and laugh, but do you know the benefits of angry cry and laugh? if you do not know please observe the following benefits of laughter and anger.

Angry benefits:

1. According to Charles Spielberger, Ph.D., a psychologist who took three specializations study of anger. Anger is a normal and healthy behavior that is, as one form of expression of human emotions. Such forms of other emotions, anger is also followed by psychological and biological changes. When you get angry, pulse and blood pressure increases, so does the level of hormones, adrenaline and noradrenaline.

2. Mark Gorkin-prevention consultant stressed and angry force-divide into four categories; angry deliberate, spontaneous angry (angry vicarious suddenly), constructive angry (angry as well as threats against others) and destructive angry (angry shed without guilt).

3. Anger is also a form of communication. Because sometimes people just understood the intent to convey when we are angry. Angry form of delivery may vary depending on the environment and socio-cultural conditions that shape it. In Japan, people often silent when angry because the Japanese people are not accustomed to expressing their feelings. Unlike the Americans are more straightforward to express their feelings or the same as Bataknese in our homeland.

4. Anger is human. Angered that could be bad is angry unmanaged. Conversely if you are able to manage anger appropriately, then the expression of your anger will actually healthful. This has been proven in a study that expressed anger would be better than harbored feelings of annoyance.

5. How angry that nourish it? Namely angry reasoned that not because of the subjective factor alone. Throw anger or annoyance you appropriately alone. Convey, the main cause of the aggravation. Not angry that merely obeyed explosive emotions, then take it through words, expressions and rough treatment because it can harm others. Therefore, in a mad we must prioritize ratio. So that it became more restrained anger

6. For those of you that have often spit angry for no good reason, there are four steps you can take:
- Identify errors that affect the attitude and the establishment of a person becoming excessively angry. When you have identified and corrected these errors, you generally will be easier to control anger.
- Identifying the factors of childhood that hamper the ability to express anger. These factors include fear, denial and ignorance.
- Learning the right way to express the anger that still can control the situation which has provoked anger, even more effectively.
- Closing wounds that may be left by the emotional impact of the devastating fury


1. Crying is an expression of emotion which is believed to improve health. It is triggered because the tears that came out while crying containing manganese and prolactin hormone which tends to increase when a person is hit by frustration / depression. The second release of these substances from the body automatically lowers depresiyang was suffered.

2. There are three types of tears. First, basal tears produced for regular eye melubrikasi. Both are tears ya3ng out reflexively triggered by irritation that may occur by the influence of onions or other. The third is the tears that came out because of the influence of emotions. It is this last type of tear that has substance highest manganese and prolactin. So, when someone crying with emotion that struck him, tears are instinctively reduce feelings of depression that existed until the body reaches a stable condition.

3. A healthy Crying is crying as much to feelings of sadness or emotional load weighed noticeably reduced. That way, after the cry will arise a feeling of comfort ..

Benefits of Laughter

1. Laughter is beneficial to health. Laughter releases positive energy that stimulates the brain to release negative thoughts and depression experienced by the body. Reduced levels of depression in the body causes the immune system also increases automatically so the body feels fresh and healthy.

2. When the laughter, the body will produce the hormone endorphine which gives a sense of comfort for the body (as a natural tranquilizer). Laughter can relieve stress and even believed to make people more youthful.

3. Laughter is also believed to be useful to help the healing process of an illness that was suffered. With a laugh blood circulation in the body will be smooth, blood oxygen levels increased. In addition, blood pressure normal.

4. Laughter is healthy is loose, excited and do it wholeheartedly. When the laugh, the muscles around the face also get stimulation. So it can simultaneously for facial gymnastics, relax muscle tension in the face.

How now already understand the benefits of anger and laughter. But there was a message from my own do not laugh or get angry themselves, the danger of judging others, surely they consider you insane

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