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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Cosmetics are designed so that we look better appearance. How to wear cosmetics is too much, it can make the appearance look older before their time. With the right makeup, a light touch, and some experts following suggestions, you will certainly look much look younger and flawless. Unfortunately, many women do not know how to wear cosmetics, although in fact they know that cosmetics is able to change his appearance.

1. Start with cleaning the face beforehand using MILK  CLEANSER + TONER

2. Then wear a facial moisturizer (MOISTURIZER), try a moisturizer that contains SPF to ward off the direct sunlight on the face, adjust to each age as a moisturizer is a lot of kinds and typenya.

3. Well before applying a moisturizer can be interspersed with the use of face FACE SERUM, the usefulness of vitamin serum for the face, improve or retain moisture face or facial skin structure. If you face it is necessary to add vitamins, particularly in drought / heat, because of the weather, for example, so that the skin often feels dry, dull, and problematic or spotty. The use of serum can be 2 times a week or when if faces feel the need to use serum.

4. Next wear FOUNDATION, in the selection of foundation colors adjust the color of your skin. Foundation there are a variety of types and type, choose a suit pocket and fits in your skin. There are many things you can do today for women with skin problems. There are many products that can clear up skin problems such as rosacea, acne or brown spots. For women who have a more serious problem, there are laser treatments, skin, microdermabrasion and facials. Be sure to use mineral makeup if you have acne prone skin. If you have fine lines you can mix quality moisturizer with your foundation to help fill in fine lines. You should choose a foundation shade is suitable color of your skin. Use sponges to apply makeup, which would go a long way in helping to integrate your bottom line.

5. Then put the powder, the powder there are 2 kinds of powder (Loose Powder) and the solid powder (Pressed Powder). Powder is usually used for oily skin but there is no harm in using a more perfect powder first and washed with solid powder to a more equitable outcome.

6. Bronzing (rouge) Use a large blush brush to apply blush so you get a nice look more natural mixed. how to apply shall use Blush Brush from the cheeks are round with a motion pointing up toward the cheekbone. You want people to see your whole face when they see you, to the overall appearance. You do not want them to see only your cheeks. You can mensiasatinya with just daub bronzer blusher on the hairline area, cheekbones, and jaw. Avoid memulaskannya around the eyes, nose, and mouth. A touch of dark color in these areas can give the impression of old on your appearance.

7. Using the Cheek. Next, clarify your eyebrows with Denggunakan Definer Pencil (eyebrow pencil) to look more firm and tidy. There is now a brow powder that you can use to enhance the natural line of your brow. This powder is a more halus.Dan many kinds If you shape the eyebrows, then the desired character's face will look. To make the eyebrows to make it look natural, you can use a brown eyebrow pencil or eyebrow color resembles. Do not forget to always keep an eye pencil strokes remain sharp for the results look natural.

8. Mascara can be used to dress up a series of other, so that your lashes more beautiful and slender. Mascara should not be shaken as this will cause the air into the tube so that the mascara faster clot. Clumping mascara that will not be great if you apply to the eye. Your eyelashes instead will look to accumulate and will certainly be a mess to the area around the eyes.

9. Use eyeshadow to add a different impression, eyeshadow color selection can be matched with the color of your clothes or can with some color applications. For natural impression choose pastel colors for daytime at night looking for the appearance of the color selection can be confirmed again the color is of course still adjusting to dress you wear.

10. eyeliner to emphasize your eyes beam. Make sure that the used sharp eyeliner or brush with bristles that good and flat. If you want to look more natural, then you do not need a thick put it into the eye. When age began to grow, usually the eyes will begin to appear to decline at the outer corner, but you can do wonders with mascara and eyeliner. Make your eyes look as if lifted by forming the upper eyelashes using black eyepencil and make the line a little thicker on the outer corner. Next, flip your lashes and coat several times with mascara

11. For the latter use finishing makeup, use all over your face and eyes

12. Using your lip liner to draw a line that goes beyond the natural lip line Keep your natural lip line. There is a new product that can help thickness up to your lips. Seksimenggunakan lip glosses or lip type enhancer that can increase the volume of your lips.

13. Lipstick, choose a matching color or suit your taste, because the lipstick has a wide range of colors. Lipstick with striking colors may look beautiful and attractive to a fashion show, but not for you. A better option is a lipstick with a formula sheen (not sparkle weight) or a sheer gloss, which can add to the effect of thin lips become fuller look. wearer dark lip liner with light lipstick is way out of date. Wearing matching vessel and lipstick are the rules for the new millennium. Understated makeup that is more in line with current display more natural.

So a few tips on how to dress and natural makeup to appear more beautiful and attractive. May be useful for you, appear more confident, dynamic and perfect impression on myself and Good Luck to you.

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