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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Personal Hygiene forming Tough Being

When failure led to unbearable pain, suicidal be one way to do the run. For example, the case with a teenager from India some time ago. For failing a math test, she felt there was no point in continuing to live and then kill himself (Gunawan, nd). If we look, the case of depression to commit suicide due to a failure often encountered in everyday life. Diverse types of failures. There is a failure in the academic area, failed to establish relationships with others, failed in politics, to fail in business and financial affairs. The failure was derived from a variety of ages. Ranging from children to those who are elderly.

If seen further, internal factors that exist within the individual's own largely determine the current state is experiencing a problem. Some call these internal factors as resilience. Resilience is the ability to be flexible (flexible) when a failure. Fluidity is what will help him to be able to re-organize and continue life when he experienced a failure. Like balls are chewy which does not break up when he fell on hard floor surfaces but it rose again. Low resilience when people are depressed even commit suicide while experiencing a failure, those who have a high resilience will not be greatly affected by the failure. He can accept it even in many cases it makes failure to be a time to "square off" and then "jump" back higher than ever before.

Resilience (ability to adapt and remain steadfast in difficult situations) in a person needs to form since childhood. Therefore, the role of parents and teachers is important.

Some things can be done by parents and teachers to form the children entrusted to them in order to become a person who has a high resilience.

1. Parents and teachers should be a tough first private model
People who have high resilience will be seen from the way of thinking, behaving, and expression of emotions when she experiences a failure. Those who have a high resilience tend to think in a more rational, controlled behavior, and is able to express emotions appropriately saddened by his failure. The first way of shaping children become resilient personal is to provide a model of how to deal with failure. This is important because how a child thinks, behaves, and manage emotions is strongly influenced by the example of influential people in his life, especially parents and teachers. No wonder if, for example jolly parents will have children who tend to be jolly and vice versa easily disappointed parents will have a child with a character who also tend to be easily disappointed.

2. To teach children to respect themselves
Positive self-esteem through the ability to appreciate yourself under any circumstances experienced by becoming one of the prerequisites individual to be personally resilient. With positive self-esteem, individuals will feel how to be still valuable even though he was falling in a failure. Feelings remain valuable will also be important when dealing with individual social judgment when he failed. It is inevitable in our society, those who megalami failure it is often the load increases due to various negative assessment even worse treatment from the surrounding environment. With the positive self-esteem, individuals will be able to face the double burden and resume life back after experiencing failure events.

3. Do not apply a standard that makes it difficult child
If there is a tendency for people to apply standards that are often unrealistic, for example, must rank 1, must win, and the like, parents and teachers should not do the same thing. They just need to pay attention to the uniqueness of the child and provide a standard that takes into account the uniqueness. For example, which is important to be honest despite not being a winner.

4. Inviting children to learn to accept and interpret the failure.
When children fail, parents and teachers need to encourage children to see it in perspective further and more meaningful. The success interpret events in our lives, including the failure of their distinctive personality is mature and not. Meanings of failure could be done for example with the awareness that every person must have experienced a failure. Other purport is that failure means a step forward to getting closer to success

5. Teach children to be grateful
Another characteristic is a resilient person has the ability to be grateful. Those low resilience tends to magnify an event that is being experienced failure to cover the other positive things that actually existed in her life. For example, the low resilience of people who could have seen failures in work to be the end of the world. Conversely those high resilience, although it failed to work, it could still see that she has other things that can still be thankful for example family, friends, and others. Gratitude is precisely then make thoughts, behaviors, and emotions remain intact so that later it helped him on with his life, for example by looking for a new job


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