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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This Scientific Benefits of Laughter

 This Scientific Benefits of Laughter. Many have thought that the activity of laughter can lighten the burden of thinking, and social stress. In the world of scientific research, it is known in the laughter contains a lot of benefits. Here are a few of them:

1. Function in organ blood vessels
Activities laughter can trigger network expansion, which eventually can form a layer on the inside of blood vessels, thus improving blood flow. Directly, laughter can reduce cardiovascular risk.

2. Being able to improve the emotional health
In laughter will trigger organ reward in the brain, then it would make the brain release dopamine. At this substance will help in improving the response of the brain organ pleasure. In others there are substances serotonin, which can elevate mood condition. Also substances endorphins that can regulate pain.

3. Once important in situations of social interaction
On interpersonal relationships, laughter can break the ice, bringing what seems far away and attract the attention of others. Especially with someone you just met, laughter can create the impression of a warm and familiar.

4. It seems to be more attractive
On a man, a sense of humor is a great capital. Even for a woman, can laugh in accordance with the joke that was brought man will generate interest among each other. And in general, those who have a sense of humor, a lot of people seem more interesting to listen to and follow.

5. Maintain a Positive Mood Laughter releases endorphins in the brain, so that the positive mood awake. As a result, you will only laugh more.

6. Make You Feel More Relaxed Laughter helps bring more oxygen into the body and brain, so you feel more relaxed and energized.

7. Improve Immune Laughter helps cope with stress and strengthen the immune system, so you do not get sick so much. You also heal faster when I'm sick. Keeping a Positive Perspective Tawa

8. help shape a positive outlook and optimistic attitude, even when you face a thorny issue.

9. Reduce stress and anxiety
Humor is described as an element of resilience and allow you increase the ability to cope in difficult situations. It could moderate the ill effects of stress on health and increase positive mood to cancel the negative emotions. And remember, laughter can also be transmitted.

10. As Exercising It's beneficial for the respiratory system.
Laughter is a physical act that can be mild exercise for the body. When laughing, stretching the muscles of your face. This will increase the pulse rate and oxygen which spread to the network. This is because when you laugh you will benapas faster. Not only that, the laughter makes the heart pump faster. It will make blood circulation much more smoothly.

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