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Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to Distinguish Normal Whitish And Dangerous

Whitish is a natural thing and is often experienced by women. Many factors that cause you to experience vaginal discharge such as food, lifestyle, and mind. However, the discharge often makes you uncomfortable and disturbed. There is also a panic fear that they experienced vaginal discharge is whitish dangerous.

Ladies do not worry. Indeed, some of the harmful discharge is a symptom of a disease but not all. Therefore, it would be important if you know how to distinguish normal vaginal discharge and dangerous.

This whiteness is divided into two kinds, namely normal vaginal discharge (physiological) and whitish to be aware of (pathological). Then, how do I tell?

1. Vaginal discharge is whitish physiological unnecessary worry and occur normally. Whitish this type usually occurs in women after and before menstruation, when entering the fertile period and when getting stimulus.
The characteristics of this whiteness is:

  • The color of clear liquids or transparent.
  • Aqueous liquid.
  • No odor.
  • Not sticky.
  • The amount of fluid that comes out just a little.
  • Does not cause itching.

So, when you experience vaginal discharge with these characteristics, you do not need to panic. Because it normally occurs every month. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can mensiasatinya with sex organs washed with clean water, dry using a clean dry towel and then change your underwear.

2. Discharge pathological
This one kind of vaginal discharge is abnormal discharge and really have to watch out. Whitish this one be an indication that there is a disease in female organs or in the area Rahim. If pregnant women experience vaginal discharge this type, then the risk is that health problems in infants. Well, for the discharge characteristics of this type include:
Yellow, milky white, grayish or greenish.

  • Viscous liquid.
  • Cause bad odor.
  • Sometimes sticky fluid.
  • Polynomial and leave spots on underwear.
  • Itchy.

If you experience vaginal discharge with characteristics like this, then you should immediately see a doctor or health care professional. Especially if you often experience vaginal discharge. Do not try to treat your own whiteness, for example with the herbal medicine, drugs or use cleaner Miss V, because it could aggravate the condition of your vaginal discharge.

For the health of your sex organs, should be entrusted only to the appropriate health care professional. Although not visible, but you should be able to always take care and love your female organs.

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