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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Young Coconut Water Benefits for Pregnant Women

Coconut water, when he called his name alone was pictured how the joy of consuming coconut water. Coconut water is very refreshing and good for the body because it can replace lost body fluids. In addition, coconut water itself is also very easy to find, and can be a substitute for regular mineral water in a quench your thirst.

Coconut water is suitable for drinking and consumption of coconut water is still young. It is best to water coconut flesh is still thin and not too hardened and thickened. There are many types of coconut, but the most common are two types, namely regular coconut water and coconut water green.

Types of green coconut

Green coconut water is derived from coconut different types, namely green coconut. Usually the difference lies on the skin color greener palm, and coconut husk which has elements of pink color when peeled. Green coconut itself is believed both for the pregnant and nursing mothers, although plain coconut water also has many properties and benefits that are not too berbada far. What are the benefits and properties of coconut water for pregnant women?

Here are some benefits and efficacy of coconut water for pregnant women:

1. The content of natural electrolytes
Electrolytes is one type of mineral that can help you in restoring the function of body fluids lost during exercise. Usually lack of fluids or dehydration experienced by the body will occur as the activities carried out. It is very important for pregnant women, due to dehydration in pregnant women can lead to:
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Fever
  • Cramps and muscle spasms
In addition, the benefits of coconut water for pregnant women that contain electrolytes, it can be useful to reduce muscle contractions that occur during the period of pregnancy.

2. It is a natural diuretic
Coconut water has a natural diuretic properties, which are sterile and safe to eat, especially for pregnant women. Healthy food for pregnant women who have a natural diuretic properties, making coconut water can be useful as:
  • Help expedite the process of disposal of urine
  • Helps cleanse the urinary salurang
  • Yan helps remove toxic substances into the body
  • Can prevent urinary tract infections.
3. Lauric acid to prevent illnesses
Young coconut water contains lauric acid called. Lauric acid is an acid type whose function is that it can help fight and prevent disease. Here are some of the benefits of coconut water for pregnant virgin lauric acid content:
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti virus
  • Keeping the baby's health from harmful viruses, such as HIV and herpes
4. Improving digestive function
One of the uses of coconut water is that coconut water can help improve digestive function in pregnant women. Usually digestive function in pregnant women will experience pregnancy problems like slowdown digest food, so that coconut water can help improve digestive function. If the digestive function awake and stay fit, then some digestive disorders can be prevented. Digestive disorders include:
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bowel obstruction
5. Increase HDL
Coconut water proved to have good efficacy in raising HDL, or good cholesterol in the body. It can suppress the high rate of bad cholesterol in the body, and may help prevent other chronic diseases caused by high levels of bad cholesterol in the body. This will also occur in pregnant women who have a tendency to high LDL levels.

6. Lowering blood pressure
Pregnant women are required to avoid the occurrence of high blood pressure. Ban pregnant women is indeed important, as it will affect the health condition of the fetus. To prevent and reduce high blood pressure in pregnant women, the young coconut water can be used as lowering high blood pressure. The benefits of coconut water for pregnant women is caused by a potassium content contained in coconut water naturally.

7. One of the sources of energy
It should be noted, young coconut water has a fairly high glucose content. This can help pregnant women in gaining energy in doing daily activities. How to maintain a healthy pregnancy is to keep the main thing is to keep the energy intake per day, in addition to the consumption of healthy and nutritious food more.

8. The content of vitamin C
One of the essential ingredients of coconut water is that high vitamin C content. The content of vitamin C in the coconut water can help meet the body's need for vitamin C every day, especially for pregnant women. Fruit fruit for pregnant women contains vitamin C which is useful for the body to:
  • Adding immunity and endurance
  • Prevent and ward off various diseases
  • As antioxidants
9. Contains vitamin B
Vitamin B also is one of the vitamins contained in coconut water. The benefits of coconut water for pregnant women with vitamin B, it will help the network-jarinagn replacement of damaged body, especially in pregnant women.

10. Anti-aging
Coconut water is easy to have good benefits as an anti-aging or anti-aging. This is caused by the properties of coconut water that can help renew the cells of the body. It is very well taken after pregnancy, to overcome the problem of stretch marks on the abdomen.

11. Maintaining a healthy heart
High content of potassium and magnesium contained in coconut water can help pregnant women in maintaining heart health, such as heart attacks and unstable heartbeat. This condition is also necessary for pregnant women to maintain the health of the fetus.

12. Preventing penyumbtan on blood vessels
The benefits of coconut water for pregnant women is also very useful to prevent blood clots, because they contain good cholesterol is high enough. These benefits can also be felt by anyone, not just for pregnant women.

13. Improve body metabolism
Pregnant women desperately need high body metabolism. Here, the role of young coconut water will be felt. Coconut water can help increase metabolism, especially for pregnant women.

14. Against bacteria
Coconut water is very good if in the consumption of pregnant women. Why is that? because it helps to boost immunity babies and pregnant women against all bacteria that interfere.

15. It contains a lot of nutrients
During pregnancy, the fetus requires a lot of nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants. Drink coconut water is the one who can be one good source so that all the needs that we have mentioned earlier are met.

In addition to the benefits of coconut water for pregnant women was very important, there are several other benefits of coconut water is very good for the human body, especially for health. Any utility coconut water for health? among them because they contain potassium, coconut water will help you in lowering blood pressure in arteries. Then the next, coconut water containing glucose is very important and is needed by every human body in order to obtain an energy source. Coconut water also contains vitamin C and vitamin B. Vitamin C is useful to strengthen the body's immune from the threat of various diseases that block. Then the B vitamins are useful to help turn all tissues in the body.

In addition to benefits of coconut water for pregnant women and the human body, there are also some benefits to the health of whom, with you taking this young coconut water you can mengapat replacement of body fluids. Has long coconut water is known to replace fluids and minerals lost in the body. Because of this, for those of you who often perform strenuous activity in each day so are suggested to consume coconut water is that energy produced remains much and not easily tired. Function for health to two, namely anti-aging. Because coconut water contains cytokines and lauric acid, can assist you in updating the network - the body's tissues. Young coconut water will also increase your metabolism because coconut water can help increase the hormone insulin in the body.

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