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Friday, August 28, 2015

This How To Train Emotional Intelligence

In addition to intellectual intelligence, We Need Emotional Intelligence.

Many psychologists and experts in human behavior believe that emotional intelligence (EQ / Emotional Quotient) has a more important role for success than the intelligence quotient (IQ / Intelligence Quotient).

Emotional intelligence can be trained and developed in various ways. As with knowing own emotions, managing emotions, recognize other people's emotions and relationships with others.

The following explanation of how to develop emotional intelligence, as quoted from Entrepreneur, Monday, August 3rd, 2015.

Know Your Emotional Self
You can begin to ask the deepest such as whether you feel real. Are you the type of person who ill-tempered, brave, cowardly, like anxious, indecisive, timid, and so on. Perhaps you can find out at what time and how you angry, scared, nervous, anxious, excited, happy, and so on. It might look easy, but actually difficult. In essence, you have to understand yourself.

Managing Emotions Yourself
Here's how to change attitudes and behavior in order to be better. Successful people are able to set goals, map out a plan to achieve these objectives and implement the plan - they are able to influence their behavior positively.

Release negative emotions
The skills associated with your ability to understand the impact of negative emotions toward you. For example, the desire to improve the situation or meet the target of work that makes you irritable or frustrated sometimes even damaging your relationship with subordinates and superiors and can cause stress. So, as long as you are controlled by your negative emotions you just can not reach your best potential. The solution, release negative emotions through utilization techniques subconscious mind so that you and those around you do not accept the negative impact of negative emotions that arise.

Motivating yourself
Reforming emotion as a means to an end is of paramount importance in relation to pay attention, to motivate yourself and take control themselves, and to be creative. Control of emotional self-restraint on satisfaction and impulse control-is the cornerstone of success in various fields. Self-motivated skill allows the realization of high performance in all areas. People who have these skills tend to be much more productive and effective in whatever they do.

Know Your Emotions Others
Understanding other people associated with empathy is the ability to understand what others are feeling and why, and to know how your words and your actions will be accepted by the people around you. Without empathy, you will not know them and never know why. Very difficult to be successful if it does not understand other people.

Fostering Relationships With Other People
Emotional intelligence is also related to the ability to establish relationships with others. As one of the key is to open your heart to accept other people's strengths and weaknesses.

By doing so, you will be able to motivate others effectively. The effectiveness and success in business is closely related to your ability to influence people to do what you want. This is not manipulation. Manipulation is influencing others just for you, but not for them.

Successful people are able to influence others in a way that benefits everyone.

In the business world, success depends on four things: IQ (how smart a person), experience (including education, experience and job training), efforts that have been made, as well as emotional intelligence.

However most companies only apply to three main factors, namely IQ, experience, and hard work to achieve success in business. While emotional intelligence too gets less attention. Whereas emotional intelligence is a way of assessing the overall performance of employees at work or face a difficult situation.

With a strong control, the employee can calmly look at the problem and take into account the impact of a decision or an action.

While the employee is usually only had three first factors when hired. Thus lacks emotional intelligence. This is the weakness that will hinder the company to achieve success.

Although many ignore, emotional intelligence is essential for success in business. The good news is that emotional intelligence can be trained and can be improved.

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